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Kaze: Yanga need rectification

YOUNG Africans Head Coach Cedric Kaze admitted that he will be forced to change his game approach basing on the status of the pitch they will be playing at as the league unfolds.

Yanga will face KMC tomorrow at CCM Kirumba Stadium in Mwanza for yet another difficult encounter for both sides where pocketing essential three points is the order of the day.

After Mwanza assignment, Yanga will proceed to Mara to take on Biashara United at Karume Stadium in Musoma on October 30th as the sprint towards the league throne is slowly taking a shape.

However, making his first post-match briefing after a slim 1-0 success over Polisi Tanzania on Thursday at Uhuru Stadium in Dar es Salaam, the Burundian trainer insisted that game plan will be adjusted in accordance with the venue.

“I know that some venues are not friendly to allow ball possession like the way we want to play as such, changing our rhythm of play will be the best option,” he said.

Again, the coach highlighted that he has a depth squad as such, a player who will be showing great skills during training sessions will definitely be considered into his starting first Xi and not otherwise.

“The most important thing is to play as a team by attacking, defending, recovering and doing transition as such, anybody in the squad should simply have that mentality of playing as one team and not as an individual,” he said.

Elaborating more about the game, Kaze noted that both halves of the game had its own uniqueness and differed from the way he wanted to be.

“We were losing simple ball and got at least three clear opportunities to score goals with Feisal Salum missing three chances, but all in all, my intention was to grab three points which was fulfilled. “The tactic of ball possession, creating chances and be patient with the ball was seen but not to the highest degree but it is something which will be well injected as we go on,” Kaze insisted.

Polisi Tanzania’s coach Malale Hamsini said lack of concentration among his defenders was the reason which enabled their opponents to get a scoring advantage.

“It was a great game, my players executed well what we tasked them to do but in the end, we lost. We failed to do proper marking in our territory thereby awarding them a goal,” he said.

It was the first time for Yanga to pocket vital three points from Polisi Tanzania as in two duels which they met last season when the latter were elevated into the top flight league, the score board after 90 minutes led 3-3 and 1-1 in both instances.

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