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‘ Stop breastfeeding while riding bikes’

MOTHERS from Katumba Ward in Katumba refugees’ settlement in Nsimbo Council, Katavi Region have been urged to abstain from riding bikes for long distances while breast feeding their infants.

Such habits, experts warned, could lead to sudden deaths of infants.

The call was made by Katumba Health Centre Medical Officer in Charge, Mr Matuli Mchele, insisting that breast feeding must be done by mothers in a friendly and calm environment.

“Mothers from this precinct have cultivated a habit of breast feeding their infants while cycling
their bikes at a high speed, covering long distances. 
“When cycling, mothers use a lot of energy
and subsequently sweat a lot while breastfeeding their infants, who can suddenly either choke or
puke while swallowing their mothers’ milk,” he said.

A cross -section of mothers told this paper that they were not aware that they were exposing their infants to health hazards by breastfeeding them while riding bikes.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), exclusive breast feeding means that the infant receives only breast milk.

No other liquids or solids are given - not even water - with the exception of oral rehydration solutions or drops/ syrups of vitamin, minerals or


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Author:  PETI SIYAME, Mpanda

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