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Cautiously elect capable leader at State helm-Majaliwa

AS Election Day draws near, Tanzanians have been urged to be cautious when deciding the kind of a leader they would prefer to lead the nation.

A member of CCM's National Executive Committee (NEC), Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa said that it is important for the citizens to decide the kind of leaders they would vote for to spearhead the country's development.

“There are few days left before we go to polls ... we must be careful in deciding the kind of a leader we want,” the Premier insisted.

Tanzanians will go to polls on October 28, to vote for the president, parliamentarians and councillors in the sixth General Election under the multiparty system which has attracted 15 presidential candidates, including incumbent President Dr John Magufuli.

The PM   was campaigning for   CCM presidential candidate Dr Magufuli, Newala Rural   parliamentary contestant Ms Maimuna Mtanda and Kitangiri Ward aspirant Mafaume Ladda in Mtwara region on Tuesday.

He said Tanzanians were supposed to elect leaders who are committed to fast track the country's development...  "if we  build schools  they will be beneficial  to  all our children regardless of their political affiliation,  thus we should vote for Dr Magufuli  so that  he can accomplish  his  work."

On infrastructure development , he said , the expansion of  Mtwara  Port  is underway  whereby  a sum of  170bn/-  has been dished out  by the government  for the  construction of  new cargo terminal  which will also accommodate  more than 600 vehicles.

"The government has also provided 50bn/- for the expansion of Mtwara Airport to allow it to accommodate direct flights from Europe without being forced to land in Dar es Salaam first," he said.

He further explained that the fifth phase government had provided 89bn/- for the construction of 210kms road which will connect four districts  from  Mtwara  Rural-Nanyamba- Newala - Masasi.

On cashewnuts he said  auction system  had helped a lot in making  the crop  to fetch good price  up to 4000/-  per kilogramme although  in the previous season the crop fetched  low  due to coronavirus outbreak.

“Local cashew nut buyers had planned to buy the crop at 1,800/- but our President Dr Magufuli dished out 900bn/- for financing the purchase of cashewnuts from farmers,” Mr Majaliwa said.

Earlier, at Mkwiti Ward Mr Majaliwa said  the government  had dished out 600m/-  for conducting feasibility study  for  Mtama- Tandahimba road  through Mkwiti  which he said is part of the implementation of CCM  Election Manifesto.

“The completion of Mtama - Tandahimba road will help to improve trade and transport services   between the areas and Dar es Salaam,” he said.

Mr Majaliwa also campaigned for Tandahimba Parliamentary contestant Katani Ahmad Mkwiti Ward candidate Mr Ismail Said.

A total of 19 lawmakers under a ticket ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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