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Magufuli deserves re-election, says Msuya

FORMER Prime Minister Cleopa Msuya has showered praise on CCM presidential candidate, Dr John Magufuli over his outstanding performance in the last five years, calling upon Tanzanians to turn up enmasse on Wednesday to re- elect him for a second term.

He said that, this year's General Election is an opportunity for Tanzanians to prove that they made the right choice by voting Dr Magufuli to power in 2015 General Election.

Tanzanians will go to the polls to vote for the president, parliamentarians and councillors in the sixth General Election under the multiparty system, which has attracted 15 presidential candidates, including incumbent President Dr Magufuli.

Mr Msuya, who is also a former member of CCM Central Committee assured Dr Magufuli full support of Mwanga residents as he contest for the high office in the country during Dr Magufuli's campaign rally at Mwanga District in Kilimanjaro region.

The retired premier, who served in that position twice from 1980 to 1983 under the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and again between 1994 and 1995 during the reign of former President Ali Hassan Mwinyi stressed that, Dr Magufuli deserves re- election because he has demonstrated strong leadership.

He explained that when  president John Magufuli  was endorsed as CCM  presidential flag bearer  for  2015 General Election, many people were  surprised because they didn't  know him  very well  but  his five years' administration  has proved that  Tanzanians made  the right  choice.

Mr Msuya said that during that time, he knew Dr Magufuli as a dedicated minister, who was determined to improve road infrastructure in the country.

“You are all  witnesses of the  changes  brought  to the country during the  fifth phase  leadership, because they  brought  significant  impact  on people's  lives especially  poor Tanzanians,”  he said.

He added,  Dr Magufuli has opened doors for every person who engages in various economic activities to benefit ... "he has done a lot of things which will benefit the present and future generations."

Mr Msuya further said that apart from implementing national projects, the fifth phase government has also executed projects which aimed at improving people's lives from the grass root.

He commended him for spearheading development in the country by enhancing road infrastructure in rural areas including Mwanga District.

“The fifth phase government has helped Mwanga residents to have good roads up to the villages and it has also identified other roads in election manifesto which will also be upgraded if CCM wins the General Election,” he said.

He also commended Dr Magufuli for his assurance to improve water supply in Mwanga region by ensuring timely execution of water projects.=

A total of 19 lawmakers under a ticket ...


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