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CCM now projects over 90pc victory

CCM yesterday maintained its stance on conducting civilised, peaceful and well organised campaigns, insisting that their projection is to win the race by over 90 per cent.

The party's Ideology and Publicity Secretary, Mr Humphrey Polepole told reporters that CCM will remain a strong party that respects laws, principles and regulations set by the National Electoral Commission as well as the laws of the land.

He said the party is not planning to move from the order and instead it will continue to focus on major issues that aim at bringing positive changes to nearly 60 million Tanzanians.

"We are going to win this election in the next few coming days, we are optimistic and well organised, but still peace, unity and security remains crucial for our country, because there could be no election or any development plans without peace," he noted.

Mr Polepole was briefing journalists on the sixth and final round of the ruling party presidential candidate campaign, which is set to continue on October 19, this year. He said CCM presidential candidate, Dr Magufuli is set to conduct campaign rallies in the Coast region, Tanga, Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Manyara and Dodoma.

On Wednesday, Dr Magufuli asked wananchi during a campaign rally in Kawe constituency to maintain peace and unity because it is among national values initiated and advocated by the Father of the Nation, the Late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

He was speaking during the commemoration of 21 years since the demise of Mwalimu Nyerere. Dr Magufuli said the late father of the nation advocated for five major national values, which later helped to shape the nation to become an island of peace in the world.

Yesterday, Mr Polepole maintained that the party has been, and will always supervise the government to ensure peace and unity prevails among Tanzanians. "Peace and unity are crucial values for our nation, the ruling party will always stand for them, we will never allow anyone to disrupt peace in this nation," he said.

He added that CCM is aware that there are some people who are not happy to see Tanzania making good progress in a peaceful way, and that they are doing everything in their capacity to fuel chaos.

"We have a strong army and other security organs, there are some people who tried us some years ago, and they know what happened. But all in all, Tanzania is in the hands of God, we are being protected by God, therefore no one will be allowed to disrupt peace and unity in this great nation,” said Mr Polepole.

Commenting on the party's plans to win the October 28 polls, Mr Polepole said CCM is set to record a landslide victory, having laid strategies in place that will enable it to collect over 22million votes before campaigning.

"We were sure of 22 million votes even before starting the campaign, the party has a total of 17 million members, we asked each three members to bring at least one voter who will vote for CCM, therefore the number of those who are not members but supporters of CCM will be 5million, which makes 22 million votes for the ruling party, then from that point we started campaigning,"insisted Mr Polepole.

He said the party presidential candidate had already been assured 75 per cent of votes by 17million CCM members and 5million supporters before the start of the campaign. "So far, our studies show that Dr Magufuli is going to win by over 90 per cent," he said.

According to Mr Polepole, Dr Magufuli's victory is obvious since his five years in office have identified him as a strong and visionary leader who is eager to resolve wananchi's problems.

He said the construction of hospitals, health centres, dispensaries, schools and provision of free education, improvement of infrastructure, supply of water and electricity to both urban and rural areas, major changes in the mining sector, construction of SGR and many other projects are some of the issues that show his commitment in serving the public.

He said the party is not worried of any candidate from the opposition, saying their parties are not organised and the leaders do not trust each other.

"Yesterday, one of the opposition party leaders announced his support for a candidate from another party while his party has a presidential candidate, you can imagine the kind of opposition leaders and candidates we have in this country," said Mr Polepole.

The government is finalising a plan that ...


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