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USAID project stresses on baby breastfeeding

BREASTFEEDING mothers have been encouraged to make sure that they should not feed their children, who are less than six months with solid foodstuffs that subject them to digestion problems.

This has been said by Mwanza City Council Maternal and Child Mortality specialist, Bertha Yohana, during a seminar hosted by Tulonge Afya under Naweza platform aimed at enhancing breastfeeding mothers on how to properly take care of their babies.

“In our society, we have been experiencing challenges on the developmental health of children due to traditions, habits and some customs of the community, which do not comply with health experts’ instructions.

We have become accustomed to the society teaching, where everyone has his/her opinion. For instance, some believe that if a baby depends only on breast milk that would not be enough and it is not true. A baby can take mother’s milk and still become ok without eating any food,” she pointed out.

On her side at Mhandu Ward, Mwanza City Council Social Worker, Rachael Mahulu said the community should get rid of the misconceptions of feeding babies with solid food and medicine on the basis of raising them.

"Some run to apply traditional medicine once they see a baby growing teeth… this is a mistake. Go to hospital and you will be given guidance," he said.

Commenting, USAID Tulonge health project coordinator in Nyamagana District, Esuphvat Lewis, said baby breastfeeding for six months is necessary.

The coordinator noted that a breastfeeding mother should also sleep with her baby for at least nine months in the same bed.

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