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Road accidents drop by 30 per cent in Isles

ROAD accidents and carnage dropped by over 30 per cent in Zanzibar last month as compared to the corresponding period last year, thanks to intensified operations against reckless drivers by the traffic police.

Presenting the road accident and offence report, Office of the Chief Government Statistician’s (OCGS) Officer Asha Mussa Mahfoudh said accidents dropped from 23 in August 2019 to 16 last month, with deaths declining to nine from 14 over the period.

She said there were 41 victims, nine of whom died and 32 sustained injuries, with Unguja South region’s Central district topping the list with four accidents while North B, West A, West B, Wete and Chake Chake districts recorded two accidents each.

The law enforcers registered 2,121 traffic offences last month, with none of the offence committed by female driver.

The 635 offences related to disrespect of the traffic rules, overloading (388 cases), driving without licence, insurance or road licence (325 cases), driving without helmet (212 cases).

The four categories of the offences accounted for over 73 per cent of the total offences. The offences for the August 2020 have increased by about 29 per cent as compared to 1,645 faults in August 2019.

Compared to July 2020, the offences have however increased by about 35 per cent from 1,573 mistakes, the report shows.

The negligible rate of accidents that involve women reflects their attentiveness in the road, according to the officer: “Female drivers are three times more attentive while on the road than their male counterparts.”

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