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How will Tanzania benefit from CCM manifesto steered by JPM?

President John Pombe Magufuli, who has crossed the threshold into his fourth week of rallies, seeking re-election in the October elections signals a big part of being the leader of a political party destined to meet people across the country and hear a wide range of views and ideas about the future and how CCM party is aligned to be for many not the few.

Assimilating circulated political parties’ manifestos contents, and when equated on what each manifesto contains, it is a reminder that Tanzania today, having gone through earlier five years that has witnessed many achievement during 5th phase government is a place of dynamic, generous and creative people with massive potential, making JPM to state in his campaign, that Tanzania glory is his right of way.

As far as political-economic-debates and to what extent manifestos are designed to help unlock untapped economic potentials, designed to uplift living standards, designed to provide an environment that would help to grow job and multiply and improve quality of public services delivery, one thing that need to be clear is every election is a choice.

Hence, in my view what makes this 2020 general election different is that the choice is starker than ever before. Why? For the past five years, CCM led government focused on addressing problems that have been concern to most Tanzanians and importantly has implemented various strategic development projects  which when examined critically have  so far generated major changes in Tanzania.

Amidst prevailing minor resources and making the most of own resources collected internally supplemented by strategic borrowing from selected financial service providers, locally and internationally, during 5th phase government headed by CCM party, Tanzania registered great development in the past 5 years, comprising executing practically the whole lot in 2015-2020 election manifesto. 

Faced with continuous cuts and intervention, interior and external, in my opinion small fraction percentage that couldn’t be completed as part of 2015-2020 manifesto, if re-elected into the office will easily be completed and hence provide Tanzania with an opportunity to demonstrate its glory, one as the only country in the world that defeated covid-19 in an well organised way that has left the world wondering how Tanzanian did it under Dr Magufuli’s team, but two to demonstrate its strategic glory in this world-dating back millions of years as history reminds us.

JPM: Tanzania glory is his priority (Daily news 3rd September 2020 front pg.) is treasured message, not only concealed, but coded. Olduvai Gorge, for the historians would recall is a site in Tanzania that holds the earliest mark and proof of the existence of human ancestors that signals our right to proof to the rest of the world, organised and structured well, Tanzania we can be the leading nation in terms of wealth creation in the world, hence the reason to retain its glory.

Paleoanthropologists, local and internal have established hundreds of fossilized bones and stone tools in the area dating back millions of years, leading them to conclude that humans evolved in Africa.

The combinations of the works of the Leakeys, Dart and Broom among other have made an undoubted case that humans originally evolved in Africa. Based on this history, JPM who has attracted attention around the world is right to say Tanzania glory is his priority.

Placing together mineral deposits, gas reserves, water bodies, national parks, strategic location, culture to mention a few, in my opinion Tanzania is technically supposed to be amongst the richest country in the world.

More important our language that allows swift communication and gaining significance around the world means under strong leadership and hardworking many Tanzanians especially the future generation would be able to share the wealth environment being created today.

The future generation will receive, after Dr Magufuli and his team and any other good wishers, desiring to see a prospective and united nation, have achieved their role as leaders of today, a system and a country set for our treasured future generation and not against them. And this 2020-2025 CCM manifesto sets out exactly what can be done about it.

I have no hesitation, under Magufuli, will convey a new Tanzania well-structured that puts our economy and living standards first, program well-articulated in the 2020 manifesto. Those who think differently, a key message to them is that, prosperous future Tanzania won’t be achieved by empty slogans and posturing program that could place our nation at risk and links with our largest trading partner.

Instead, Tanzania moving forward needs a strong and strong-minded leader with desire to go extra mile so long all he does will allows Tanzania to upgrade its economy for the 21st century competitively.

Taking all the parties that have taken ingenuities to participate in this year’s 2020 general election race, in my opinion, if re-elected to a second term, the CCM led government of President John Magufuli would not only put up with its initiatives, but continue to invest in the cutting-edge structures and engineer macroeconomic changes that will see more businesses and industries of the future that can improve everybody’s lives.

That is why for example on parties pledges on water service provision, unlike other parties, CCM core objective is to reach an 85  per cent water supply target in rural areas in the next five years and 95  per cent in urban areas. Taking education and water provision alone, CCM in my view appreciates how an up-and-coming economy depends on services that support us all.

As stated earlier on 2020 general election, is that every election is a choice, so this election is about what sort of Tanzania we want to be after 28th October voting day. Is it one where the majority Tanzanians will continue to witness how their country is coming up strongly economically? That is the Tanzania CCM is determined to create.

So let us construct a fairer Tanzania where no one is held back a country for many and not for few. A nation, where each one, serenely is able to get on with his/her life while enjoying peace and security at the workplaces, on-roads and at homes.

A nation where businesses, especially private sector managed businesses, micro, small and medium can flourish while enjoying encouraging accommodative fiscal measures and incentives that not only allow industrialist to realise profit on investment and businesses but cordially pay competitively the workforce they employ do, and to live their lives with the dignity they deserve.

Let’s build a nation where under hapa kazi tu work hard to invest to infrastructure our nation need to give everyone the best chance to explore untapped economic and social welfare prospect.

That means under CCM building a nation giving our children’s schools the funding they critically need as loans, and restoring the good governance within the government and MDAs to its place as the envy of our neighbours.

Let us not allow parties preaching divergence and baseless allegation and ungrounded fear in their campaign hold Tanzania back.

Let’s build a Tanzania that will do everything to works for the many, not the few advantaged. Thus, creating an economy that works for all, 2020-25 CCM manifesto for economic strategy is about providing an objective, more prosperous culture with mind-set change for the many, not just the few.


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