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Lissu promises to turn Mafinga into business hub

CHADEMA’S Presidential candidate Tundu Lissu has vowed to turn Mafinga Township, Mufindi district, in Iringa region to a business hub by seeing into it that their local produce raise their livelihoods.

Mufindi is famous in the production of tea and timber, with Mr Lissu saying the district is yet to benefit from the available opportunities.

Mr Lissu made the statement yesterday, while addressing a campaign rally at Mafinga Township, noting that if elected, he would ensure the economic growth of Mufindi rise high and the local resources benefit them first.

Speaking on tea production, the Presidential candidate said the crop has not been given the weight it deserves for the sake of supporting the livelihoods of the surrounding communities especially youth.

“Tea being produced in Mufindi has been consumed across the country for years, but there is no favorable infrastructure to and from the farms.  So the government of Chadema will work on this with immediate effects,” he said.

In doing so, Mr Lissu said there is a need for a proper plan that would see establishment of factories for furniture factories in Mafinga in a grand plan of his party, adding that value of timber being produced in the district was being ignored.

According to him, instead of exporting timber, the government would have made Mafinga a hub for furniture factories in East Africa bloc, a move that would have created thousands of employment opportunities for the locals.

“This would have also stimulated the economy of Mufindi, if I will be elected in the coming general election, we shall work on this,” he said adding that there is also a need to add a network of tarmac roads for the sake of easing movement of people and their goods from and to the district.

“Value addition to goods produced in Mufindi district is very crucial, this will commercialize the area and create more opportunities for locals,” insisted the presidential candidate.

Apart from furniture, timber is also used in the manufacturing of paper, where Mr Lissu said his government would make a lot of effort in boosting production for Tanzania to dominate the market.

Speaking at the Mwebetogwa grounds in Iringa Municipal on Sunday, Chadema’s presidential candidate said his government would provide loans to all students of higher learning institutions without considering their economic backgrounds.

In that regard, he said they would also revisit the interest rate of the higher education loans by considering the law behind their establishment.

“With the current system, only few applicants are given loans, this denies the opportunities many students who can’t afford the cost of higher education, Chadema would remove these classes in life by providing loans to all applicants,” he explained.

In another development, Mr Lissu asked the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to quicken the exercise of reviewing all appeals that were submitted for their candidates to start campaigns.

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