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It was gain and pain tag transfer window

THE August 31st-climaxed transfer window season was gain and pain affair that hugely benefited Dar es Salaam giants while inflicting pain to several cash strapped teams.

Until its climax Simba and their traditional rivals Young Africans looked the biggest beneficiaries while it was very opposed to the already relegated Mwanza-based sides; Mbao FC and Alliance, who until the very last hours of registration, they looked completely derailed.

Mbao lost Waziri Junior to Yanga, Herbert Lukindo to Mbeya City before selling Raheem Abdallah to Azam FC. Tanga-based Coastal Union fit in the both gain and pain categories after losing their pillar-heads of defence when parted ways with Ame Ibrahim who has been snatched by Simba and Bakari Mwamnyeto who has joined Young Africans.

Both of them have proved wrong to doubters in their first matches for their new clubs. At Simba, Ame seems to be the right heir of the team’s veteran defender Erasto Nyoni and he teamed with Simba’s newly signed central defender, Joash Onyango as evidenced in the team’s Simba Day match against Vital’O of Burundi.

To Yanga, Mwamnyeto has managed to fill the void left by Kelvin Yondani. Mwamnyeto was solid when Yanga clobbered Aigle Noir of Burundi during the climax of Mwananchi Week match at Benjamin Mkapa stadium in Dar es Salaam.

The coming Premier League season will be the verdict of whether Coastal Union gained or pained by the loss of the two defence dynamos. But clearly incurred double loss are Iringa-based relegated side Lipuli who have sold their key defender David Kameta ‘Duchu’ to Simba.

Lipuli will automatically fade from limelight as they will be playing in the less ‘publicised’ First Division League. For the Dar es Salaam giants the just ended Transfer Window looked almost a Bernard Morrison affair after the Ghanaian striker left Young Africans to join Simba.

His move sparkled furore from Yanga fans who didn’t want to see the player serving their traditional rivals. Even after Yanga snatched Congolese Tonombe Mukoko and Tuisila Kisinda, the club still believes the player belongs to them.

The controversial move that remained a big debate for some time forced the former President Jakaya Kikwete to speak against the overdependence of the foreign players during the peak of Mwananchi Day. Kikwete disclosed that the issue of player hijacking between Simba and Young Africans dates way back such that he is not surprised with the ongoing Bernard Morrison saga.

He recalled: “Previously, we (Yanga) had a player called Emmanuel Albert who one day, upon arriving for training sessions which were then being held at Jangwani ground, he escaped and ran to join Simba. “Yanga responded instantly by snatching away Gilbert Mahina (Machine) from Simba.

That is the life between these two clubs. As such, do not complain a lot after losing Morrison to the other side, just snatch another player from them.” He continued: “By taking the issue as far as FIFA like the heaven has fallen is just a wastage of time since such cases existed before and were amicably resolved without going very far.”

Additionally, Kikwete urged all clubs in the country to invest a lot in youth development programmes saying that is the only way to uplift the growth of football in the country.

“You see, most of the players you fight for are from outside the country meaning that in a short run, they will go back to their respective nations and assist their countries. “For us, we have many talented youths out there who need to be given a good platform to shine. That is the most important thing I want to encourage all football clubs in the country so as to solve the problems of spending more money buying foreign based players,” he said.

Again, the former leader called on Yanga leadership to strive for unity and harmony in the club for the success in the team to be easily achieved. “We have trust in you (Mshindo Msolla-Chairman) that you will play a big role to ensure that peace is available in the club which in turn will bring out the intended outcome,” he remarked.

Moreover, Kikwete challenged the team to do whatever necessary to reclaim the league title they have missed for the past three seasons in a row. We all expect to see changes and additional skill show when the 2020-21 League season begins countrywide this Sunday.

THOUGH only eighteen Premier League games have been ...


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