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JPM: CCM for prosperity

JPM: CCM for prosperity

INCUMBENT President John Magufuli launched reelection bid, insisting that CCM is the only party capable of bringing Tanzanians the much-envisaged socio-economic prosperity.

Dr Magufuli officially ventured into two months of selling the party’s manifesto and apparently, a ceaseless trot around the country's key battlegrounds.

He urged Tanzanians not to turn back the clock on CCM economic reforms, saying, forward, the party is always ready to go.

The party's presidential flag-bearer, who looks clear favourite ahead of the October 28 polls, said during the official launching of the campaign at the jam-packed Jamhuri Stadium here yesterday that his party has strong strategies that will enable it to speed up the implementation of all projects as promised in its 5-year election manifesto.

Dr Magufuli assured Tanzanians that the party is in position to implement all promises that have been listed in the new 2020/2025 Election Manifesto.

He maintained that the ruling party has demonstrated a good example of implementing major projects in the past five years and that it is confidently appearing before millions of Tanzanians voters to seek for another term so that it could continue to do a good job.

According to Dr Magufuli, the CCM's manifesto carries many promises and that some people may be asking themselves on how it is going to implement them.

He said his party and the governments at large have plans and strong strategies that will enable them to keep things moving smoothly.

Among major promises highlighted in the manifesto include continuing with initiatives for improving the country economy.

He said in the coming five years, the government targets to attain an economic growth of eight per cent.

He said the government will also improve the financial services and promote a competitive market for local and international markets to ensure strong economic growth.

Dr Magufuli said if voted into power, his government will also improve the environment of doing businesses through a blueprint for regulatory reforms.

On infrastructure, President Magufuli said his government has invested a lot in the area and that still it is looking forward to continuing with the implementation of various major projects.

He said with reliable infrastructure, it will be easier for the government to build up a vibrant economy.

According to Dr Magufuli, next Monday, the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) from Mwanza to Isaka and from Isaka to Makutupora is set to kick off.

He said the government has already finalised all procedures with contractors and the construction will soon commence.

“All these are the reasons for us to come to you to ask for your votes once again so that we can finish the job that we have already started... we need to finish this good job,” said Dr Magufuli.

Moreover, President Magufuli told party enthusiasts and wananchi that his government has been able to implement major projects in the energy sector by connecting a total of 9750 villages from 2218 recorded in 2018.

He further said that the project has been successful because the government reduced the power connection cost from 170,000/- to only 27,000/-.

He said so far the government is setting strategies to finalise the project, which will cover the remaining 2680 villages.

“We are going to finish this project in the coming five years, it is very possible because the ruling party has strong plans and commitment of bringing positive changes to wananchi,” he said.

Dr Magufuli said this election year must serve as a lesson to those who are 'being used' to tarnish the government and country's name and that wananchi should show their stand to the world through ballot boxes.

“Your decision in the ballot boxes will provide a lesson to those who for years have been mocking us, those who have been used to looking down on us, your decision must send a strong message to them and the world at large,” he noted.

On fishing and water transport, the Head of State said the next government will purchase fishing vessels and improve water transport to ensure the sector contributes to the economic growth accordingly.

On employment, Dr Magufuli said his coming government will create over 8 million employment opportunities in the informal and formal sectors through promoting development of industries, promoting the implementation of the blueprint and ensuring all councils across the country continue allocating funds for supporting youth, women and disabled.

“We will continue supporting petty traders so that they can continue with their activities, so far we have already provided them with special identity cards, which enables them to do their businesses without problems,” he said.

On health services, President Magufuli said his government has recorded great achievements in the sector and promised to continue improving services by sending more experts from training, buying modern health equipment and construction of health services and hospitals when required.

He said CCM seeks another five years so that it could continue with its plans of bringing development to wananchi.

Other promises include promoting both international and local trade, attracting investors and ensuring more revenues from the mining sector and other sectors.

The Head of State also maintained that his government will strongly continue to protect the Union and maintain peace and security.

He added that international relations is another area of his government concentration and that in the past five years, his government managed to open eight embassy offices in various parts of the world.

“Some people say for the past five years, I did not travel to the Western and that our international relations are in limbo.

I would like to assure you that we are good, and we have managed to open eight new embassy offices,” he said.


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