COVIDOL herbal cure against virus is safe -expert

COVIDOL herbal cure against virus is safe -expert

THE Tanzanian generated herbal remedy-COVIDOL has continued to show its potency and wide-window of safety that it is effective in fighting Covid-19 pandemic disease in Tanzania.

Closely monitored it is now clear that COVIDOL herbal medicine has been identified as one of the secrets behind winning the battle against coronavirus disease in the country, despite registered sharp decline.

While other countries opted for uniform measures of fighting the spread of Covid-19, Tanzania chose a different path of believing in God and herbal steam inhalation.

According to a chemist who specializes in medicines from plants, Prof Hamis Malebo, who is also the COVIDOL discoverer, the herbal medicine is developed from some natural products of plants renowned for their healing powers.

Talking to the ‘Daily News’ Prof Malebo said that the COVIDOL herbal medicine has now been identified by users and clinicians, as a viable medicine that treats people with asthma, allergies, cardiovascular and blood disorders from acquiring Covid-19 disease in the periphery.

On his part, Covid- 19 Rapid Response Ilala Municipality Team leader, Dr Willy Sangu in Dar es Salaam said that 10 people, who developed moderate to severe symptoms of the virus and tested positive and once enrolled for the COVIDOL herbal medicine recovered within a week.

“Some of the patients were previously diagnosed to be exhibiting high fever with body temperatures ranging between 38.5°C to39.22°C. The patients also complained of symptoms like loss of smell and couldn’t sleep and also felt exhausted,” he said, adding that “Once they started taking COVIDOL dosage, all their symptoms disappeared and they became healed.”

Commenting, Dr Paulo Mhame, is an assistant director of the traditional and alternative medicine at the ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MoHCDEC), said: “I call upon Tanzanians to consider traditional alternative medicines not only in the wake of Covid-19 outbreak, but also against any disease outbreak. The country is endowed with a number of plants which are of medicinal value to fight diseases.”

He further noted that if well packed and marketed, COVIDOL and other traditional medicines would attract global attention, create more jobs in its industry.

On his part, Prof Madundo Mtambo, the Director General of the Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organization (TIRDO) said that the COVIDOL treatment has now attracted a wider market towards establishing it a factory for large production and sale.

He said the demand has necessitated TIRDO to install a machine capable of producing not less than 10 thousands bottles of 500m litres per day.

“COVIDOL production has created jobs for young Tanzanians. This is also an endeavour in supporting the industrialization agenda being spearheaded by President (John) Magufuli,” Following this realization, the president in April directed the MoHCDEC to allocate an additional budget for the traditional medicine department, mostly to improve research and development of the herbal remedies in the country.

“We have to recognize the role of traditional healers in the management of various diseases and other health problems in the country, and I would like to direct relevant authorities to ensure they support traditional medicine as a valid option in healthcare,” he once said.

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