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Glued to hypnotizing beauty of football festivals

DEFINITELY, Tanzania football has gone the extra mile following the influx of popular and big artistes who are now venturing into football not to play but rather to seek extra followers, entertain and look for the green pastures found on the other side of the coin.

Frankly, the tendency to witness musicians making it big to entertain football fans right from the stadiums is something which should never be taken for granted rather, it is the opportunity for the football industry to flourish.

It should be known that people do have different likes and dislikes when it comes to entertainment to the extent that others prefer both football and music while a certain category of people may like only football and ignore music.

But lately, things have made a U-turn not only here in Tanzania but the entire world whereby renowned artistes are usually hired to perform during big football events like when opening big football competition such as World Cup and others.

However, the rivalry which football teams seem to have also crossed the boundaries to attack musicians and in this context, one cannot rule out what has transpired recently as far as football circles in the country is concerned.

When it comes to performance, nobody can question the ability of the leading Bongo Flavour megastar Nassib Abdul ‘Diamond Plutinumz’ or otherwise known as ‘Simba’ who made a multi-billion dollars performance during the event to climax this year’s Simba Day held at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium in Dar es Salaam.

It was the first time for Plutinumz to stage such a marvelous show at a big domestic football occasion which was watched by millions of people worldwide.

Without doubt, the number of Simba Day viewers increased on the day just because some people just wanted to see him (Diamond) performing inside the stadium in front of thousands of people since they love his songs and that when he left the venue, they too switched their focus to other things.

All in all, everybody loved the vibe which Plutinumz brought on the day and for those who witnessed the event live, were teeth out after killing two birds using one stone meaning that they loved the music vibe plus a football match afterwards whose atmosphere is totally different from those watching on Television and other platforms.

The scene inside the packed Mkapa Stadium was simply crazy after Diamond touched down using a helicopter and flew out in the same fashion at the end of his hot performance, a unique fashion was the first of its kind as far as Tanzania football is known.

Here, just leave behind the huge expenses that Diamond incurred to hire the chopper to put such a big mark but rather, concentrate on the positive impact that artistes can bring to assist in the speedy growth of the football sector in the country.

As a high profile celebrity, he really deserved such a mouthwatering show which satisfied music desire of Tanzanians who either were physically present at the stadium or else followed the proceedings via other means like Television and social media platforms.

On the other hand, after the Simba Day, it was now the slot for Azam FC Festival which unfolded at their Azam Complex venue at Chamazi in the city and too had a potential to bring many heads under one roof who partook in the event.

Again, to spice up the event, they invited another hot and valued Bongo Flavor star Ali Kiba for him to blaze the scene with his perfect songs and he did exactly just like the way he was instructed to do. Like said earlier, some people watched the entire event not because they are football fans but due to the love they have for Kiba, who has been in the game for a long time.

Organisers of these big football events are aware that to attract attention of many people, they need to go to the other side of the world and hire popular musicians to thrill the day since not everybody come to watch football, others are addicts to live performances.

In the same token, as Young Africans prepare to stage the climax of their ‘Wiki ya Mwananchi’ on Sunday at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium in the city, they have too announced Rajab Kahali (Harmonize) as the leading artiste to seize the entertainment.

The nicknamed ‘Jeshi’ artiste has already released a song for Yanga prior to the big day which is trending a lot on social media platforms and has promised to stage a remarkable performance which has never happened before in the country.

From this scenario, it is therefore evident that the bond which exists between the artistic industry and football sector is now stronger and hard to be broken.

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