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CRDB to offer ‘Tanzanite billionaire’ financial literacy

CRDB Bank has volunteered to offer the ‘Tanzanite Man’, Mr Saniniu Laizer, a financial literacy course, a few days after hitting another jackpot.

Speaking here yesterday, the bank’s northern zone Manager, Ms Chiku Issa said the bank chose to offer the 52 year-old such crucial course as a way of helping him not to plunder his fortunes and invest wisely in lucrative undertakings.

“Much as he is one of our loyal customers, it is still prudent to offer him such courses on financial matters, because we believe he has big plans for the money he earned and he also have people who depend on him,” she said.

The CRDB Northern Zone Manager further assured Mr Laizer that the financial institution will stand by him throughout his mining career and offer to help where necessary.

Early this week, Mr Lazier stole the headlines once again after he successfully sold one rough Tanzanite stone weighing 6.3317 kilogrammes to the government at a cost of 4.8bn/-, etching his name further in the country’s history books.

The sale comes a month after the soft- spoken Simanjiro small -scale miner hit the jackpot after he found the two largest tanzanite gemstones ever recorded.

Meanwhile, CRDB Bank will later this year set up a branch at Mirerani One Stop Centre, a move that will spare small-scale miners the hustle of travelling all the way to Moshi town for business transactions.

“The artisanal miners will also be remitting the government’s royalties within the branch located inside the Mirerani perimeter wall,” she explained.

According to Ms Issa, the financial institution will also embark on lending artisanal miners soft loans as well as providing them with requisite financial awareness.

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Author: EDWARD QORRO in Arusha

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