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Time we used our physical education coaches in Tanzania

IN my last sports column on Wednesday, this week, I praised Young Africans management for their prompt action against their foreign coach following his outburst racists comments.

I will today remain on coaches but more on positive side of our local coaches who, it has lately emerged that they as highly trained as foreign coaches. But the Tanzania Football Federation and clubs managements have not been making use of them for reasons best known to themselves.

According to the National Sports Council (NSC), the University of Dar es Salaam and Dar es Salaam University College of Education trains, at degree level, physical education which covers all sports, including soccer.

What this means is that students who graduates from the two universities in physical education are not only more than qualified to train our premier clubs but are also on the same level with the foreign coaches we are presently obsessed with!

According to the NSC, what both TFF and local clubs need to do is to provide such coaches with latest soccer training from those provided by the Fifa.

A NSC spokesman said the Council had long informed the present and past TFF leaderships of the existence of such potential within our borders, but instead of going for such coaches, they have continued to use their foreign hard earned money in recruiting foreign coaches.

But what is the potential of a physical education degree holder? A physical education degree holder is not only trained in coaching all sports, but has also the scientific or medical ability in handling the physiology of a human body. You cannot ideally train a child in any sports if you are not well informed on his or her physiology.

Knowing the physiology of a child means knowing how his or her body can endure training. That is why a coach who trains children in soccer academy is required to handle children differently from adults.

The implication of the foregoing is that this country has plenty of physical education instructors who have been trained at degree level and who now need to be deployed in training children in soccer and other sports academies.

Interestingly one of such physical education degree holders is none other than our own Prime Minister, Majaliwa Kassim Majaliwa. That explains his love for the establishment and development of Namungo FC. His support of the club stems from the fact that he is himself well knowledgeable in soccer having trained in physical education at the university.

Now is the way forward? Both the ministry responsible for sports and the TFF now need to take the lead in exploiting this rich, existing resources of our own diploma and degree holders of physical education. I have personally times without number called on the government to send abroad our form six leavers for training as sports coaches.

Little then did I know that the government had for years been doing exactly that until this NSC spokesman opened his mouth!

What the local media, and in particular, particular sports journalists need to do now is to call on our financially, well, endowed local soccer clubs to establish scientifically run soccer academies as we already have coaches who can handle the training of children in such academies.

In one of my past pieces I had praised Burundi for their training of sports instructors. Little then did I know that some of them had actually been trained by our own universities! What is the problem then? There is a Swahili saying which runs; kwenye miti hakuna wajenzi which can be translated as where trees are in galore lack those who can make good use of such resources.

This is where our country is situated at. We have plenty of our own resources for developing this country. Yet we have failed to make good use of such resources. But as I have already noted.

We can change the attitudes of the TFF officials and managers of our clubs through the use of the NSC and the ministry responsible for, among other things, sports. But physical education graduates also ought to help us that we can make good use of them.

And the best way of doing that is for them to go public and tell us what they can handle, through the kind of education they have, in soccer training.

They need to advertise themselves to our local soccer clubs. The only institutions which are reported to have made effective use of these physical education diploma and degree holders are the Tanzania Peoples Defence Forces and the Police.

In fact, the two institutions have employed such graduates and most of them are military officers, having attended Monduli Military Academy. Physical education graduates in the army and police have been responsible for training boxers who are already doing extremely well locally and regionally.

It is now the turn for our local soccer clubs to make good use of our own resources. Local clubs like Mtibwa Sugar, Kagera Sugar, Coastal Union, Mbao FC need to make use of these physical education coaches in order to turn around their soccer fortunes.

I particularly appeal to local, poor clubs in the premier league to make use of these coaches if they want to deal effectively with clubs like Simba and Young Africans who are still in love with foreign coaches

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Author: Attilio Tagalile

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