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League that turned showdown of investment and skill show

ARGUABLY, the just ended p flight league season was very competitive than ever before as the fate of three teams which were booted out from the contest ahead of next season was known on the last day of the marathon.

Here, excluding Singida United which was the only side to be known that they were just playing to finish their 38 league fixtures, the other three teams to join them were unknown until the last whistle from referees at various hosting venues was blown.

It was the end of the road for Alliance FC, Ndanda FC and Lipuli FC who together joined Singida United to complete the package of four teams eliminated during the last campaign hence these giant teams will surely appetise the First Division League (FDL) contest.

Aside from relegation, also the team which was to finish second on the ladder was identified on the same last day of the season’s contest and in this case, it was the Jangwani Street based side Young Africans who defeated Lipuli FC 1-0 and consequently, the latter were relegated.

A 2-2 draw by Azam FC away at Sokoine Stadium in Mbeya saw them finishing the season on third place as they failed to take advantage of vividly a weak Yanga squad in comparison with what they (Azam) had last season.

However, as they say that when you vacate a place, it becomes a chance for others to fill it and here, give a loud hand of applause to Gwambina FC and Dodoma FC for successfully stepping into the top flight league, the highest football league competition in the country.

Indeed, to climb up into the Mainland Premier League is priceless since you need nothing less than crucial three points but to be relegated, on the other hand, is a simple puzzle since you can just opt to lose your matches and off you go to the FDL.

It was not an easy task for you to earn this great promotion considering about the level of competition you encountered from the opposing teams in the FDL to the extent that you are no longer in the same category with them.

You definitely fought hard to be promoted and to start splinting in the same lane together with some clubs which have been in the game for many years and are wide awake to see new tactics you have brought to challenge them.

As new clubs in the pack, what are your target to play in the top flight league? Have you come to compete for winning titles or you just want to show the public that you exist such that after the end of the next season, you go back to where you came from?

It would be a memorable experience to see a club which has just been promoted going all the way to win the prestigious Mainland Premier League title and in this case, snatching it away from the current champions Simba SC.

If you can excel by going straight to lift up the trophy, it means your journey has not just ended by winning the silverware but rather, you will be the country’s envoys in the elite CAF Champions League (CAF CL) matches.

It seems an impossible mission but to be honest, if you can play your cards well, you can do wonders in this league and earn a unique reputation of yourself perhaps the entire world would be interested to know how you managed to achieve that.

Now that you are in the elite league, be a good example to the teams you have left behind in FDL for them to also scale up their performances and fight for promotion next term. Hope that you are also financially stable to help your teams withstand the big economic expenses incurred when trading in this high profile contest.

Go everywhere in this world, if you do not have adequate funds to run the club, without doubt, you cannot even imagine on how it feels to be successful as the two qualities are inseparable.

Usually, when you have enough funds and pay your employees (players and technical staff) timely and handsomely plus giving them other morale boosting beneficiaries, expect your players to play lungs out for the purpose of claiming needed victories.

Yes, most teams which farewell the top flight league last season, they were in critical financial difficulties hence going down the wire was somehow inevitable for them as such, for you new comers, make sure that your pockets are fat so that you don’t beg for financial help.

The other thing you need to take note of is about stamina in sense that in FDL, teams play 22 matches only and then the season is over whilst in the top flight league, teams play 34 games before the season ends.

This means make sure that you have assembled sharp squad which has got success hungry players such that even if their team drops into the FDL, they should remain in the top flight league due to their potential.

THE world will never be the same after ...


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