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Chadema’s bid to capitalise on Mkapa’s death damnable

IT is apparent, and this is as most unfortunate as it is wholly damnable, that, national familyhood, a noble concept for every well-intentioned Tanzanian, is not embraced by all of the sons and daughters of our essentially beautiful country.

The beauty is converted into ugliness by elements that are so consumed by a sense of what may be branded “we-hood” and “ me-hood” v ersus “ he” “ she” and “ they”.

The manner in which the Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo ( Chadema) party conducts some of its affairs, is a case in point.

The watchwords of the party’s name, demokrasia na maendeleo ( democracy and development) are by and large cosmetic.

Throughout the first tenure of President John Magufuli as President, which is drawing to a close as the October General Election nears, the Chadema leadership has turned undermining him and the government he leads into a hobby of sorts.

This is sheer political hooliganism and what may be branded “ adult childishness”, viewed against the massive support from most wananchi who are hugely impressed by the phenomenal strides that the government has attained.

Ironically, Chadema has in recent months been hit by a “ Tsunami” of defections from its ranks – ranging from grassroots members to members of parliament – who are hugely disillusioned by nasty goings-on within the party.

Chadema has lately cast itself in very bad light, over the recent hugely shocking death of Third Phase President Benjamin Mkapa, whose mourning is supposed to be of a national family character.

But shock of shocks! Chadema has sought to make political capital out of the tragedy in reaction to which Tanzanians are supposed to act as a tightly unified family.

Granted, the party’s members and fans are entitled to be happy ov er the return home from abroad of the party’s Deputy Chairman Tundu Lissu.

It is inex cusable, though, for elements within it to twist matters by implying that the government blocked Chadema leaders from paying last respects to the deceased at what is now Mkapa Stadium in Dar es Salaam, ahead of his burial in his home village, Lupaso, in Mtwara Region, yesterday.

The reality though, is that, an official programme embracing some protocols was drawn, but which Chadema ignored, apparently seeking to whip up public sympathy by making it seem as though the government is treating it unfairly.

A case of cheap, childish, and damnable politicking!

ONLY seriousness, team work and extra use ...

Author: EDITOR

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