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Wake up Rukwa region, ASFC final heads your way

NELSON Mandela Stadium in Sumbawanga, Rukwa region will be the beehive of footwork display on August 2, this year as a host of the final match of Azam Sports Federation Cup (ASFC) between Simba and Namungo.

It will be the first time ever for these two teams to play in the Federation Cup, but they have already met twice in the Premier League this season with Simba, who are already champions, winning 3-2 in the first round before being held to a barren draw at Majaliwa Stadium in Ruangwa, Lindi.

This means that the ASFC finals will be the third time for them to meet in one season hence the multi-million dollars question is who will have the upper hand to clinch the lucrative silverware? However, from a distance, one can easily conclude that Simba have the advantage to win the ASFC title and accomplish their double-title mission.

No doubt, Simba have had a marvellous season both in the top flight league and ASFC as such, they view the finals as the best opportunity for them to end the season on the front pedal while waiting to conquer the next season with the same style.

Similarly, Namungo cannot just be excluded like that from lifting their first major cup as they too have a vibrant squad with energetic young players capable to let their legs speak volume of themselves while on the pitch.

Ever since they got promotion into the top flight league this season, Namungo have been a thorn to most of their opponents they encountered on the way hence winning themselves a respectable reputation.

But, the good thing for Namungo is that no matter the outcome of the finale on the day, they will still be featured in the CAF Confederation Cup next season for the first time in their history.

Yes, congratulations for the Lindi based club to turn what previously used to be a mere dream by Ruangwa residents to reality as their team will be flying high the national colours abroad.

As you go to compete on the international scene with classic teams from outside the country, remember that millions of Tanzanians are behind your back, eager to see you going deep into the contest and most importantly, thrive to bring home the CAF Confederation Cup trophy.

If you manage to win the CAF Confederation Cup trophy, then you will make a heaven of your own as no team in the country has never managed to do so hence the ball is in your court now to show off what you are capable of.

Tanzanians would like to see Namungo competing and not participating in the CAF organised games and people are tired to hear the same excuses when they fail to reach far in the contest saying they do not have experience in international games.

But, for residents of Sumbawanga, take this as an opportunity to do business since many people will flock to your territory to witness the massive ASFC finals and show the world that you can host any high profile football match.

It is just unfortunate though that there is no team from Rukwa region which trades in the Premier League but everyone knows that a lot of people there like football a lot.

This was however raised by the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) Competitions Director Salum Madadi who recently challenged Sumbawanga people to begin troubling their minds on what sort of activity they should do to earn money from the oncoming visitors.

Yes, there are many income generation activities which people can undertake during the entire period when the finals will be played like ensuring that there are enough accommodation areas with good services to cater for the guests.

Moreover, Sumbawanga residents should make sure that various transport facilities to and from the venue are readily available and ensure that roads are passable. Here, it should be remembered that those people who will descend in Sumbawanga are of different economic levels as such, even the available transport mode should consider that disparity.

Also, adequate food should be prepared to feed the upcoming huge number of visitors who will desperately need food to keep themselves in a perfect mood of supporting their respective teams.

All in all, congratulations to both Simba and Namungo for making it into the marathon’s finishing line since it was not easy to sprint this far. It is time now to see which one of you really deserves the season’s ASFC silverware.

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