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Last four matches turn cut-throat affair

SINGIDA United have meekly succumbed to relegation purgatory, but not to ten others also engaged in a fight to stay in the Premier League next season.

The fight to survive with only four matches to play, has been very ferocious to the extent, football enthusiasts predict to see a merciless fight, that may look it as a cut-throat affair from what has been depicted in the league’s last five matches.

Three teams which finish from 19th, 18th and 17th positions are required to follow Singida United at the First Division League, while two others at 16th and 15th positions will be demoted to the play-off to seek a return to the Premier League.

What makes it look a tough war is the closeness in the points standing as Mbao who are placed 19th are 4 points below the 18th –placed Mbeya City with 39 points. But from the 17th positioned Mwadui to the 12th placed KMC with 43 points, there are three points separating five teams.

This closeness makes it difficult to pick the three other victims which will follow Singida United at FDL den. Until the 34th round of the unfolding Premier League more than ten teams can join Singida United at the relegation purgatory, with five of them in a deep crisis.

Mtibwa Sugar who rallied to beat Azam 1-0 at CCM Gairo Stadium temporarily kicked away relegation scare after the victory moved up five positions from 18th to 13th with 41 points. Prior to their Wednesday encounter with Azam, Mtibwa were down-graded at the 18th position just a position above the 19th placed Mbao FC.

From what we have seen in the last five matches, four remaining matches of the Premier League will be full of surprises and wonderful results as everything can be used to seek survival. Surprisingly the teams facing relegation have been doing well in their last five matches.

The race against relegation, however, has been very fruitful to KMC and Mbeya City who are now almost out of relegation zone, but to Mbao FC, they are yet to shrug off the threat despite raking in 12 points in their campaign.

To the surprise of football analysts, Mbao who are placed at 19th position have had the best performance in their last-five match, but are still not safe. The Mwanza-based side have won four matches out of five and they have been better in performance than even the top riders; Simba, Azam, Young Africans and Namungo.

Parading 35 points, Mbao’s latest campaign earned them 12 points that made them bridge the gap with their closest challengers. With 37 points, Lipuli who are placed 18th, have been the newcomers of the relegation zone and that position came after collecting four points in their last five matches.

They won once and drew once before losing three matches consequently. Also not safe from relegation are 17th placed Ndanda FC who have garnered six points out of targeted 15 points. The points came from three draws, one win and a single loss in their last five matches.

Mtibwa Sugar, who are placed 16th and eligible to face a play-off if they cling to that position at the end of the league, might not see the top flight league next season if they don’t wake up from a slumber.

Mbeya City with 39 points at the 15th position, Alliance with 40 points at the 14th place and KMC with 43 points at the 12th place, have been among the best performers in their last five matches. KMC who were placed at 18th position prior to the Premier League resumption seem almost safe from relegation at the 12th position.

What placed them are 10 points they garnered from three wins and a draw while losing only once in their most recent matches. From the standings, there is a possibility that three other teams to join Singida United, won’t be known until the 38th round of the unfolding league.

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