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Not every person can be kidney donor, says expert

NOT every person can donate a kidney to a recipient based on a number of factors, according to an expert.

Benjamin Mkapa Hospital (BMH), kidney transplant programme coordinator Awadh Mohamed said some people were born with a single kidney and were disqualified from being kidney donors.

"Before kidney donation, a person willing to donate it undergoes some medical check-ups to discover any health obstacle. A person suffering from diabetes or HIV/Aids is also disqualified from being a kidney donor," said Mr Hamis, while responding to this writer after a special session for kidney patients and families with kidney patients.

Kidney patients and families with kidney patients attend special sessions conducted by the Social Welfare Department at the BMH to raise awareness on kidney functions and who can donate it.

Mr Mohamed explained that some people wishing to donate a kidney could be found with one dysfunctional kidney thus be disqualified from donating the kidney.

"A prospective kidney donor should be willing to donate a healthy kidney to a recipient," he explained.

BMH became the first hospital in the country to perform kidney transplant without the support of foreign specialists in March. So far the 400-bed hospital has transplanted 13 kidneys.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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