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‘Business acumen needed in football clubs’, Abbasi

THE government has encouraged football clubs to be creative by actively taking part in various national exhibition activities like the SabaSaba International Trade Fair.

This was said by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Hassan Abbasi upon visiting Young Africans exhibition facility at the SabaSaba grounds in Dar es Salaam recently.

"To be honest, I am satisfied with what Yanga have done by deciding to partake in the SabaSaba exhibitions which is a good thing for other clubs to emulate.

"Gone are the days when you should wait for the Simba vs Yanga game to get revenue and instead, by coming up with this system, you are able to make extra money other than to just sit in your offices," he said.

He added that it is not too late for other clubs to venture into the similar system saying they just need to bring original jerseys of their club and other merchandise so that their fans can buy them and in such doing, enable concerned clubs to get revenue.

Yanga became the first club to actively take part in the biggest exhibition platform in the country where various goods and other services were made available to the public.

While inside the facility, fans were given the opportunity to pose for photos with different trophies won by the team by paying a certain amount.

Also, the team's skipper Papy Tshishimbi was present on the second day of the exhibitions and had a chance to socialise with his club’s supporters who made their way at the club's facility to sample out various products of the club.

On his part, the club's Information Officer Hassan Bumbuli said they have benefited from the exercise even though it is their first time to do so.

"The number of people visiting our facility has been going up day after day which is very promising. We have sold many jerseys as well as magazines of the club. Even some people are coming to be registered as new members of the club," he said.

He continued that as they head towards transformation, creating such ideas is one of the extra revenue collection ways for the club other than just relying on gate collections.


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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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