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Minister: Country needs new innovations to forge ahead.

INNOVATORS have been advised to focus on the lower middle income economy status which the country has just attained to come up with new designs that will foster further development.

The advice was given here yesterday by the Deputy Minister for Education, Science and Technology, William Ole Nasha while awarding this year’s National Competition for Science, Technology and Innovation (Makisatu) to 21 winners with certificates and cheques, whose innovation work be improved by the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH).

Elaborating, he said the winners were drawn from the exhibition of the Innovation Week held early in March this year after judges went through their innovations and made resolutions.

The three top winners in seven categories, who participated were each awarded 5m/-, where runners and those in third positions each pocketed 3m/-and 2m/-respectively.

The minister equally, called upon the participants to strive to increase their creativities, which in turn would create and guarantee the locals more job employment opportunities.

While advising them, he said their innovations should match market demands for their own wellbeing and the nation.

“Innovations are riches, you must be guided on how best to attain that benchmark…we have with us business registrations and Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) for your effective use” pointed out Mr Ole Nasha.

Elaborating, the minister said the government has set aside 874m/-to improve innovations and technology of 70 finalists so that they reach their intended goals.

However, Mr Ole Nasha challenged the innovators to come up with technological advancement that would see the country’s produce and exports enable it further climb another rank to an upper middle income for more global competitions.

“It is an ideal time, come up with innovations that will foster the industrial economy drive and also competitions among the lower middle income nations,” he pointed out.

This year’s Makisatu competition attracted more than 600 innovators whose wares and innovations showed the government’s commitment to empower local innovators so that their technologies can be of importance within and outside the country.

Earlier, Deputy Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Prof James Mdoe noted that the government was committed and determined to recognise innovators from the grassroots level, adding that all of them would get support to sustain themselves in their activities.

He said innovators will be attached to innovation centres, where they would develop and register their patent rights to facilitate industrial economy.

Prof Mdoe further said the government was committed to seeing into it that the innovations advance their technologies and assist in the country’s industrialisation drive.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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