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Ethical committee calls on peaceful, credible elections

MEMBERS of ethical committee for the upcoming general elections have called on the police, political parties, and Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) to collaborate and ensure that peace, accountability and transparency prevails during elections.

Giving their views at their first meeting since the election code of conducts ethical committee was formed last week, the members observed and emphasized that tranquility, accountability and transparency of elections remain crucial for keeping Zanzibar stable.

“Each of us (political parties), and individual persons have the responsibility to do the same under the guidance of the agreed ethics or elections code of conducts, but we have to strengthen collaboration with ZEC and police,” one of the participants said.

ZEC Chairman, Judge Hamid Mahmoud who graced the meeting, promised that his commission is prepared to collaborate with all stakeholders, including political parties to ensure the planned elections are held peacefully, free and fair.

Judge Khamis Ramadhan Abdalla Shaaban who chairs the ethical/code of conduct committee said the main objective of the committee is to ensure that the upcoming general elections are conducted peacefully and all aspirants observe the codes.

He said that all political parties taking part in the elections will be required to sign the codes of conduct. ZEC is expected to release its timetable for elections in the near future.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Zanzibar

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