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Crucial week for Zanzibar politics

POLITICAL stakeholders and of course the general public will have their attention directed to Zanzibar next week where a picture of the CCM next Zanzibar presidential flagbearer will become clear.

Already, some organs of the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM)  in Zanzibar have started holding sessions in Zanzibar to lay the foundation for the screening processes of 31 candidates who picked the presidential nomination forms.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, the Secretariat of Zanzibar’s Special Committee of theNational Executive Committee (NEC) held its meeting to perform its functions.

According to CCM’s screening time table, the Security and Ethics Committee in Zanzibar met on Friday (July 03, 2020) for the screening process, followed by the meeting of Zanzibar’s Special Committee of the National Executive Committee (NEC) yesterday( July 04, 2020).

Beginning next week, things will start taking shape as the screening process will enter a crucial stage since all strong and decision- making organs are expected to meet for the decisive functions.

Zanzibar’s Special Committee of the  National Executive Committee  (NEC), as per the CCM Constitution, comprises  the  CCM Vice Chairman (Zanzibar), Deputy Secretary General ( Zanzibar), Zanzibar President on a CCM ticket and  Chief Minister on a CCM ticket.

Other delegates include all members of the Central Committee (CC) of the National Executive Committee (NEC) from Zanzibar, all CCM Regional Chairpersons and Secretaries and all NEC members from Zanzibar.

It should be borne in mind that one of the functions of the Special Committee of the National Executive Committee is to assist the party’s Central Committee (CC) in providing political leadership for Zanzibar.

As far as the Zanzibar presidential race is concerned, the NEC’s Special Committee will now be charged with the duty of forwarding its proposals on the candidate to the party’s Central Committee ( CC)  that will hold its meeting  on July 09, 2020 (next Thursday).

When the nation holds elections, the Central Committee (CC) performs a key function of screening and proposing three names of Zanzibar presidential candidates to the National Executive Committee for further screening processes.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) will hold its meeting on July 10, 2020 to elect one candidate to be the CCM flag bearer for the Zanzibar presidential election before the CCM Congress convenes on July 11-12, 2020, for endorsement of the name of the candidate proposed by NEC members for Zanzibar presidential election.

Principally, CCM candidate for Zanzibar presidential race will be decided next Friday.

 The nomination race for Zanzibar’s presidential candidature has attracted the attention of almost every political stakeholder given the huge number of aspirants and their political experiences.

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Author: Rodgers Luhwago

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