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Arusha Queens depart to Tanga without Ugandan pros

ARUSHA Netball team, which has been waiting for its three players and coach to arrive from Kampala, Uganda, seems to have given up hopes of reuniting with them and decided to leave for Tanga short-handed.

But it wasn’t all a loss, the team which left Arusha on Saturday, managed to gather some boost from local firms here, including the Northern Zone branch of Vodacom telecoms company which has outfitted the squad with sporting kits, while the Mattress maker, Tanfoam Limited has cashed them 500,000/-.

The Double Diamond Holdings Limited of Njiro on the other hand has also kitted the Regional Netball team with a set of sporting gear as well as providing them with cash money 600,000/-, making the total monetary boost to reach 1.1m/- The Sports Officer at the Arusha City Hall, Benson Maneno said the regional team is well prepared despite missing its three international players that are stuck in Uganda due to Covid-19 lockdown.

“We are still hopeful that the three players together with their coach in Uganda can make it later,” said Maneno adding that the netball team has set out with 14 players and a coach.

Stuck in Kampala are three players, Stella Nyadoi; Sarah Nakiyunga and Dorothy Vega Slando, that together with their coach, Nourdene Hassan Kato may now have to travel direct to Tanga if permitted to leave Uganda in the course of the league duration.

Speaking from Kampala, the Coach Hassan Kato said the three players, stuck in Uganda were not idle, continuing with their practising sessions there, so it doesn’t matter when they will be allowed to travel to Arusha.

“We are always ready and well equipped for the Tanga league,” the Coach assured.

The First Division Netball League in Tanga runs from this Sunday to July 18th and involves a total of 16 netball teams from various regions in Tanzania.

The Secretary General of Tanzania Netball Association (CHANETA), Judith Ilunda had confirmed earlier on.

According to Ilunda, the top three winners from the National Netball League are expected to take part in the forthcoming East African Netball Championships.

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Author: YASINTA AMOS in Arusha

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