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Dr Magufuli makes surprise appointment

IN a dramatic turn of events, President John Magufuli yesterday revoked appointment of Kisarawe District Administrative Secretary (DAS) and made replacement on the spot, a unique leadership style never in his five-year term.

Showing the DAS, Mr Mtela Mwampamba the door, the President asked Coast Regional Commissioner Eng Evarist Ndikilo, who sat with him at the podium, to propose a name for replacement, where the District Administrative Officer, Mwanana Msumi, was singled and instantly assumed the post.

Thronging Chanzige Primary School grounds to witness Dr Magufuli launching the Kisarawe-Kibamba water project in the area, the villagers struggled to have a glimpse of such the rare incident, where they greeted him with claps as he emerged to wave to the crowd.

“We have an administrative officer here who is hard working… I think she is the proper candidate,” Eng Ndikilo suggested to the President, who called her while sitting at one of senior officials invited guests’ tents.

Proceeding to the high table, the President inquired about her education level and she responded: “I hold Masters degree in Public Administration.”

After learning of her splendid academic background, Dr Magufuli with immediate effect appointed her to the post and welcomed her to the high table.

Explaining a reason behind his sacking, the President said Mr Mwampamba had a long history of indiscipline, clarifying: “I was told the DAS has many issues, which contravene leadership ethics, including having extra love affairs with people’s wives.”

He added: “I warned him in the past and I thought he heeded, but unfortunately nothing transpired…therefore, since I am responsible to check ethics among government leaders, I now revoke his appointment.”

The President then directed Minister of State in the President's Office (Regional Administration and Local Governments), Mr Selemani Jafo, to demote him especially to a very low rank.

“I want you to remove him from this district and assign him to a very low lying position,” directed the president, while pointing out that leaders must serve the people and bring development wanted, not otherwise.

THE government is focused ...

Author: BERNARD LUGONGO in Kisarawe

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