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Paralegal supports Bumbuli residents to have clean water

AFTER seven years of undergoing water scarcity, four wards in Bumbuli Council have something to smile after the Bumbuli Paralegal Organisation (BPO), intervened to have a borehole which was being mismanaged under a private investor.

The move aimed at having the borehole back to the community and now they have access to clean water.

The borehole, which is situated at Village of Dule B serves the wards of Wena, Kaivei, Kambini and Mavengero all in Bumbuli council in Lushoto District.

Speaking in Bumbuli over the weekend, David Yohana, a paralegal from Bumbuli Paralegal said that they came to learn villagers of Duale B village and the surrounding villages were experiencing difficulties in accessing clean and safe drinking water despite having a borehole in their area.

“It came as a surprise that despite having the source of water, the villages experienced difficulties in accessing clean water,” he said.

The water committee was supposed to oversee the daily running of the borehole in Dule B village had handed over the management to a private investor.

He added that the private investor had taken advantage of poor understanding among villagers on the existing council by-laws.

Speaking on behalf of Kambini Ward residents, Margret John said the legal education and awareness they received from Bumbuli Paralegal Organisation helped them very much as it opened their eyes on the existing by-laws which they were not aware of.

She said: “We now feel the importance of Paralegals within our society. The changes being seen now provide us a positive impact of paralegal work across the country.

The possibility of Dule B and surrounding villages continuing to endure water scarcity would have remained unchanged had it not been for the intervention of Bumbuli Paralegal Organisation,”

OVER the last five years, ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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