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Yanga begin ascending to transformation peak

YOUNG Africans will today sign a historic contract with a Spain’s LaLiga consultant, to mark the first step towards driving the club to transformation and enable it to operate in a modern way.

It has been a long wait for the Jangwani street based club to reach this stage which will see the LaLiga consultant helping them with necessary steps to follow, as they begin ascending to the peak of transformation.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam on Friday, the club’s Fans Engagement Officer, Antonio Nugaz disclosed that the entire process of reaching at the summit of the transformation will fall into almost four phases.

“The contract signing ceremony will be done via digital means and apart from that, we will also announce our sister company club from Spain, which we will be working closely together throughout the transformation period. “By cooperating with the Spanish club, which currently occupies the top four of the LaLiga table, we will be interchanging players and technical bench members to learn more from each other,” he said.

He added that the contract is between Yanga and the LaLiga consultant, while the club’s kit and merchandise suppliers GSM have been included in the deal as financiers.

On his part, the club’s Head of Information Department, Hassan Bumbuli assured all Yanga affiliates in the country that they will be included in the entire process of transformation.

“For now, we have just made one step to create awareness to our members and supporters countrywide as we wait to officially sign a contract with LaLiga consultant, who will help us in the whole process of changing the way our club operates.

“As the chairman already said that soon, leaders of Yanga branches across the country will be summoned for a seminar on what we intend to do during the transformation process so that when they go back to their areas of duty, they should tell their members what they have learnt,” he said.

He added that opinion from Yanga members and fans will highly be needed during the amendments to be made to some of the clauses available in the current constitution of the club, so as to keep abreast with the requirements of the approaching changes.

Recently, Yanga Chairman Mshindo Msolla said the leadership does not expect to see anybody opposing the vision of the club to embrace transformation.

Msolla insisted that the issue of going into transformation has been there for the past ten years hence time is now to make it happen.

“We do not expect to see anybody who loves Yanga opposing this moves because once implemented successfully, it will be the lasting solution to propel our club to prosperity. This is the opportunity for us to reach far,” he said.

“We cannot manage to build a competitive team if the second role (transformation) is ignored that is why we need maximum cooperation from all Yanga members and fans to drive our team forward and make it run in a modern way,” Msolla said.

Author: SUNDAY NEWS Reporter

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