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This is why WMA should expand services to Health Sector

THE heath sector depends much on accurate measurements to achieve its various goals, mostly saving people’s lives through giving the right dosage to patients in line with measurements’ results.

In other words, health service providers rely on various precise measurements, such as weight and blood pressure, among other tests, to determine the right treatments for the patients.

Departments like those of Maternal and Child Health clinics also rely on accurate measurements to monitor maternal health during pregnancy as well as determining the baby’s heartbeats rate.

Again, an expectant mother’ developments are usually monitored by precise measurements, not only for her life but also to maintain her and newborn’s good health. The same applied for a newborn wherein his/her growth development should be monitored through accurate measurements.

“This is why Weights and Measures Agency (WMA) is set to extend its services in various sectors, including this of health. For the health sector, the aim is to protect the community against possible harmful effects that might result from wrong measurements’ outcomes. The outcomes might also cause deaths when the doctor directs the wrong dose to the patient,” said the Agency’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr Ludovic Manege in Dar es Salaam during the just ended World Metrology Day commemoration.

He reiterated that accurate measurements are of importance almost in all aspects of life; hence, MWA makes whatever possible to extend the services in all sectors.

Services expansion is of most important especially because Tanzania is a member of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML), the step that provides numerous benefits for individuals and the nation at large.

According to him, the OIML provides International commendations and guidelines regarding the use of precise measurements, aiming at bringing accuracy to the whole concept of measurements worldwide, adding that: “For example, one kilogramme of sugar in Tanzania must be equal to one kilogramme in Denmark.”

He further pinpointed various importances of the accurate measurements, which include protection of the products consumers and make sure they get best products that match with value of their money.

Maintaining fair and right competition, as well as encouraging and convincing traders to enter in both local and international competing markets is another importance of accurate measurements, including: Proper tax collection Responsible revenues collection authorities rely on accurate measures, be it in the form of litters, height, metres, cubic centimetres and tonnes among others, to impose the right tax amount so that both (trader and authority) do get what one deserves.

Infrastructures and Transportation:

Measurements for all transport means, especially vehicles and locomotives should have cargos in line with their carrying capacity for betterments of theirs (transport means) and infrastructures. Accurate measurements in this area also serve in avoiding road accidents.

Economic Reporting: Economic reports from various sectors on production, trade and economy rely on accurate measurements for acquisition of accurate statistics that (statistics) help to determine the contribution of each sector to the national income.


Given the fact that the national economy and most Tanzanians still depend on agriculture- related activities, the government gives the priority to the sector in making sure that producers have accurate measurements tools, for availability of quality and quantity farmoutputs; hence, improvements of their living standards.

Again, the country’s exportations depends much on accurate measurements tools to have the intended profits. Industries: The manufactured goods depend on measurements tools for accuracy packaging in terms of weight, height and volume to compete in both local and international markets.

Effective Stock Control Industries, companies and various private and public institutions do use measurements for effective stock control. For instance, the cement factory uses measurements to verify and controlling raw materials to bring about effective production.

For the packaged products, WMA Technical Department Director, Ms Stella Kahwa mentioned important things to consider during the (products) parking, saying (important things) include products naming, manufacturing places and name of manufacturer, postal and email address, phone number as well as actual amount of the goods.

Others are symbols of measurements such as 2kg, 4L as well as at-least one of the products’ official language of the country in which the products are going to be marketed.

Product symbols and letters (2kg and 4 L) should be written in accordance with legal requirements, unless the packaging is for special order, she said, adding that: “In efforts to implement the Tanzania Industrial slogan, WMA continues with public education to small, medium and large enterprise so that they can park their products in line with the Weights and Measures Act, section 340 and its review of 2002.

The advantage here includes promotion of fair and right competition in the markets as well as to have the courage of advertising your products everywhere in the world.”

AS the globe continue to tackle the Covid-19 ...


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