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MV Victoria set to stimulate economic activities

THE long waited coming back of MV Victoria will have positive impact in stimulating economic activities to residents of regions surrounding Lake Victoria.

MV Victoria, which ferries passengers and goods from Mwanza city to Kemondo and Bukoba ports in Kagera Region, stopped offering its service 2014 due to mechanical challenges.

After the government’s efforts of investing 22.8bn/-to rehabilitate the passenger ship on Lake Victoria, expressions of how long waited dream have come up Kagera residents.

Kagera Regional Commissioner (RC), Marco Gaguti told a visiting delegate from Marine services Company Limited (MCSL) recently that Lake Victoria ship will restore the lost glory of economic activities in his region, which led to hiking imported prices while slowing down transportation of farm products to Mwanza and other regions.

“The ship will act as a connecting link for tourism as there are three newly established National Parks around Lake Zone. The lake itself attracts tourist for its nature of being the largest in Africa and second in the world when it comes to flesh water lakes,” he said.

Mr Gaguti said that other benefits which are eagerly waited in his region which the renewed ship starts operation includes simplification of transportation of farm and industrial products at relatively low price which will promote economy.

He said that industrial products like Cement, iron bars and would see prices coming down as the ship transports them in bulk, speedy and at low cost.

“Kagera Region grows up to 2.3 million metric tons of Bananas, this means there will be promotion of income to famers and traders here and to regions surrounding the lake,” he added.

MCL’s Acting Marketing manager allayed fears to prospective customers of the revived ship, renamed ‘New MV Victoria, Hapa Kazi Tu, which carries 1,200 passengers and 400 tons of cargo was safer, reliable and it will be run adhering to national and international standards.

He added that the ship was confortable as it comprised all basic services like beverages, food, sleeping and when all is done. It will take around six hours to cross the lake.


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