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Govt, World Vision sensitise public on coronavirus spread

WORLD Vision Tanzania (WVT), in collaboration with the government, is implementing a project to create public awareness on how people can protect themselves against contracting Covid-19.

The project is implemented in four regions of Dodoma, Dar es Salaam, Kagera and Arusha and WVT expects to implement a similar project in other regions countrywide.

Speaking during an interview with ‘Daily News’ at the weekend, WVT health and nutrition specialist in the Central Zone Salome Mtango said in Dodoma Region, the project was being implemented in 32 villages of Bahi District.

“We made an assessment after realising that providing massive education through a public announcement (PA) system was a little bit tricky as many villagers could be on their farms during working hours,” she noted.

Therefore, Ms Mtango said WVT in collaboration with officials from the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children opted for conducting a household-after-household campaign to help families in those villages understand how to take preventive measures as well as health advice if any person exhibited coronavirus symptoms.

“As development partners we have a role to play in an event the country faces such a pandemic, and the government requested us to help in the fight against the deadly disease,’’ she noted.

WVT is a Christian, relief, development and advocacy nongovernmental organisation (NGO) which started in 1981.

It works with all people regardless of tribe, religion and ethnicity to help improve and sustain the wellbeing of families and communities.

In Bahi District a survey conducted by ‘Daily News’ in Mundemu Ward, which has 18 villages, found officials from the ministry, local government leaders and a team of specialists from WVT visiting house after house to provide massive education on Covid-19 pandemic—how it is transmitted, symptoms and how people should visit health facilities to seek medical advice.

“Through the ongoing campaign I have been taking every precaution, including avoiding gatherings and children sporting activities,” said 14-year-old Grace Msagati, a Standard Seven pupil,’’.

According to Msisi Village Executive Officer (VEO) Flaviana Mlamula the ongoing campaign has helped his villagers to remain safe, insisting that there was not even a single case that had been reported in the village.

District Community Development Officer Denis Komba said before the beginning of the campaign, a team of experts had been formed to assess the situation in 42 wards and 59 villages in Bahi District.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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