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Yanga go to La liga for transformation

Yanga go to La liga for transformation

YOUNG Africans said this week, they will sign work partnership with a LaLiga consultant who will help to advise them on the proper channels when implementing transformation.

Yanga are about to start the journey to transformation so as to operate in a profitable way by embracing the investment mode of operation.

However, breaking the good news over the weekend here, was the club's Fans Engagement Officer, Antonio Nugaz who said upon signing the contract, it will officially flag off the transformation.

This comes after the club did a thorough research on which consultant who can help to drive the team to economic prosperity and make it one of the competitive sides on the continent.

"In view of this, we selected the LaLiga based consultant whom we highly believe that has the required qualities to take us where we want to reach as far as transformation is concerned," Nugaz said.

He then called upon for total cooperation among fans, members and the management for the dreams of transforming Yanga to be easily reached.

"A lot of things will be affected as we march towards the transformation in terms of management of the club, department of marketing and other departments as well. "Let's all work abreast with our chairman Mshindo Msolla so as to arrive at the promised land easily and allow the entire procedures to unfold without hiccups," said Nugaz.

However, recently in Dar es Salaam, Msolla unveiled 'Let's go to transformation' theme which he said is the first step towards arriving at the peak of the club's transformation.

"One of my pledges during campaign period is to navigate Yanga towards transformation and enable it to run in a modern way. That dream is slowly been reached that is why we need to be together throughout the entire process. "I am happy that we have started the foundation of achieving this big thing in the history of our club and we will continue to update Yanga family on each step we make via Azam TV and Yanga TV," he said.

On his part, the club's Head of Information Department Hassan Bumbuli assured all Yanga affiliates in the country that they will be included in the entire procedure of transformation.

"For now, we have just made one step to create awareness to our members and supporters countrywide as we wait to officially sign a contract with LaLiga consultant who will help us in the whole process of changing the way our club operates.

"As the chairman already said that soon, leaders of Yanga branches across the country will be summoned for a seminar on what we intend to do during the transformation process so that when they go back to their areas of duty, they should tell their members what they have learnt," he said.

He added that opinion from Yanga members and fans will highly be needed during the changes to be made to some of the clauses available in the current constitution of the club so as to keep abreast with the requirements of the approaching changes.

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