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Caution required as people celebrate Eid al-Fitr

AS Eid al-Fitr sees an end to the daily fasting of Ramadan and the start of the next month, Shawwal, people should know that Coronavirus pandemic has not also totally eased, hence health experts’ pieces of advice and government’s directives must still be observed.

Usually the three-day holiday is a time of travel, family get-togethers and lavish daytime feasts after weeks of dawn-to-dusk fasting, which should be celebrated with a lot of caution especially by parents knowing very well that children require care and should not be left alone in hands of strange people.

Parents must know that no country can have a Police to police every citizen and that in any community you might think of, there are some people who are antisocial and may exploit the festivities to prey on children and heightened cases of sexual abuse, implying that every parent must be careful and know exactly where/what his/her daughter is doing and with who.

Equally, this is not the period to indulge in heavy alcohol drinking and promiscuous life in the name of celebrating Covid-19 ease because fighting the disease is fighting an invisible enemy that no one knows where and when it will re-emerge.

On the breathe, Traffic police are urged to be tough on any motorists who would be found driving while drunk, because any amount of alcohol in a driver’s bloodstream can impact on his/her driving ability.

The effects of alcohol abuse vary greatly, putting you at risk of causing an accident or highway injury, because safe driving in normal ways boosts a driver’s ability to concentrate, make good judgments and quickly react to situations.

Reinforcing on this, the public must know that anyone getting behind the wheel of a vehicle- car, truck, motorcycle or any other motorised vehicle- after consuming alcohol is committing a serious crime and must be reported.

Though some drivers may not even show warning signs of being under the influence of alcohol, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less dangerous. It’s important to remember that any form of drinking and driving is illegal and can come with strict punishment.

Drivers should know that when alcohol is in your system, it slows your response time, which can increase the likelihood of an accident and in case a car in front of you brakes suddenly or a pedestrian crosses the street, it will take longer for your brain to process the situation and prevent an accident.

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