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Let’s observe preventive measures as coronavirus shows downward trend

CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19) in Tanzania shows a downward trend, thanks to government efforts to raise public awareness on how the deadly disease can be contracted and transmitted and on how they can protect themselves against it.

The government designed some hospitals where suspected patients could be hospitalised and urged all Tanzanians to observe social distancing, wash their hands with running water and soap, sanitise themselves and wear facemasks whenever going out of their homes for work, shopping or for doing any other activity.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children appealed to members of the public to go to hospital or call an emergency response team if there was any suspected Covid-19 patient.

All public offices observed and still observe recommended preventive measures in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO), health experts and the government taking into account also the local context.

These measures have, to a considerable extent, ended in remarkable success as the number of coronavirus cases and deaths has gone down.

President John Magufuli’s stand on the coronavirus pandemic has been commended by many people in and outside the country.

He also appealed to believers to ask for God’s intervention, stressing that “God won’t leave us alone, but will make us win the coronavirus battle.”

Not only that, he kept on appealing to Tanzanians not to fear too much and despair “because like other fatal diseases, Covid-19 will also go.”

After seeing that the coronavirus cases and deaths have gone down, President Magufuli has directed universities, colleges and high schools and sport teams to reopen on June 1.

But he insisted that all Tanzanians, including players, should all the time take preventive measures against the deadly disease.

President Magufuli himself, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa, Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children Ummy Mwalimu and other government officials and health experts have time and time again reminded members of the public that Covid-19 is still striking and we must take all necessary preventive measures against it even if we experience a downward trend in the country.

We, therefore, ask fellow Tanzanians to continue observing preventive measures lest we relax and put ourselves at risk of contracting or re-contracting it.

We say this because we see that some people no longer observe social distancing, wash their hands with running water and soap and use sanitiser.

They also don’t wear facemasks even if they sneeze, yawn or cough in public. So, let’s take care, the battle is not over!

ON June 25, this year, the Organisation for ...

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