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Alone but still content... Quarantine chronicles

SHE'S been going for jogs (in my mask), it's a hard life people. Full body workout plus breathing exercises... phew! Currently thinking of personal life and work-life in multiples of 21 days.

As a dominant optimist side fights with the realist submissive side, the God in her reminds her, that this too shall pass– and we will be able to pick up the lego pieces and rebuild.

We will be able to hug each other again. She doesn't think of herself as a hugger, but she has truly missed a good warm hug more than she misses wearing her nude lipstick or going to the cinema. Let her digress even further since she made peace with the fact that she can’t write in a straight line.

First off, the biggest life updates revolve around the complex world of relationships. If only it were as simple as the reality show ‘Love is blind’ makes it out to be. Great show, by the way, one season and perfectly short and shot. It's also not everyone’s cup of chai.

It makes her think of this one character – in flesh and blood, so she had to mention her here, although anonymously. So sit back and come closer for the full spiced tea. She thinks five guys are checking her out. Lakini situation kwa ground ni different, she tells you.

Her other friends are too afraid to break it to her that it’s all in her head. Especially with social distancing, there's no date(s) to show for it, it’s all a mirage. Her? She won’t break it to her. She's being a bad friend? Maybe…but a girl’s allowed to live in a big bubble once in her life– let’s just allow her to prosper.

(How does a date all masked look like by the way?) The concept of being alone but not lonely is something she knows only too well.

First as a writer then as a filmmaker, 60 percent of her work is filled with aloneness during creation, recreation (not the other one!), story-making, story building, all in the confines of her home desk or office (she have an office because working from home exclusively stopped working when she replaced her TV).

She's also not married, her kids and husband are somewhere in Gaborone figuring out how to get to her, that's how her mind makes her believe. Not to say that she's totally okay with all the aloneness wahala this season brings along, She miss having friends over for dinner.

At this point in the universe, some people are alone because they are single; Or because they are stuck away from home abroad; Or away from home in the upcountry; Or could not be evacuated in time; Or it’s the better logistical logical plan to be away from loved ones.

The five things that keep her going are simple and thanks to technology simpler. One, she does loooooong group wozzap calls with friends. 180 minutes’ worth of calls that leave her ears on fire, so she alternates between video and audio calls just so she can make fun of friends who are having bad hair days and wearing those trendy charcoal masks.

When you call your boyfriend, which is the best cover-up for a bad hair day, a wig, weave, satin bonnet, or scarf? asking for a friend. All that to say Wozzap is a lifesaver. It’s less formal and leaves you smiling. Also, if you have friends with unlimited postpaid, just request them to call you-no shame.

She does it all the time with one who’s currently in the outskirts of the city she resides in. Exercises too, even though the gyms are closed, trying different home exercise routines really keeps her mind refreshed and energized.

She's gone through different workout videos and currently, she's on Pop-sugar and her favorite workouts in there are kickboxing; She's a rookie and she punches like a guy, southpaw for who! She's also loving Pilates, and yoga for bedtime helps when she's feeling wide awake at midnight when she's done with the yoga she's halfdragging herself to bed.

Long walks and runs, come in handy. Chasing endorphins. Being in the house for 100 hours a week without getting some vitamin d will lighten your skin-tone but then it will make you grumpy. Self-censorship; She's been finding social media depressing and some memes a bit too insensitive, striking an information balance is good.

She's found that when she's reads stuff at night her heart is heavy and it takes forever for her to get sleep. So she listens to the press briefings in the early evenings before she has dinner and read world news then. She only posts positivity on my pages. She appreciates cheap humor.

Earlier in April, there was an explosion of memes of how there is no smog in the air. The one that killed it for her is that we could see the Egyptian pyramids all the way from her apartment building. These people who make memes from some dark corners.

They are so committed to their jobs, who pays them? Small acts of kindness. Kindness can still work in social distance. Her jirani who runs the neighbourhood grocery store got a baby the week she got patient zero. After three weeks, she was able to see her and congratulate her, not at her home of course.

She was thinking of what to get her and since it’s tricky going to shop for a baby present at the moment -a few packets of milk for now as she figures out a present for the bouncing baby girl did something. When it comes to kindness, don’t look too far; family, friends, colleagues, or workmates need you. Project zero.

Write, vlog, language classes, read a book a week, bake….the list is long. She wants to do an impression of puppets. It’s a spinoff idea from her experience as a children writer. Mapping out. Tips? Gardening is also in zest. Once it gets going and she has a few plants and can plant her own rosemary.

Music, on YouTube for a long time now she has a daily playlist; YouTube gets the drift and auto-selects the rest after that….That’s how she starts her day every single day. It’s uplifting and gets her in the mood to give thanks to God for the night that was and the day ahead. After 12 years in prison, a man finally breaks out.

When he gets home, filthy and exhausted, his wife says, “Where have you been? You escaped eight hours ago!” "If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman." …Margaret Thatcher Humour Forever late Women Quotes: Alone but still content... Quarantine chronicles Well, being alone can easily turn into loneliness.

How to deal on a normal month is without trying so hard to have friends over for a meal but fix a fun routine with yourself all day which is quite possible and she even has a secret chicken and guacamole recipe where she practices some days of the week. For now, you can book an invite for a date soon and If you've not broken bread with some people, work on those friendships.

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Author: Salma Hamisi

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