Discipline key for players’ career, notes Haroub

Discipline key for players’ career, notes Haroub

MAINTAINING discipline both on and off the pitch has been described as the most effective ingredient which can help players to play for a longtime in their respective leagues.

This was disclosed by former national team, Taifa Stars and Young Africans captain Nadir Haroub Ally, who insisted that football, is a short lived profession as such; Players need to uphold discipline for them to reach their targets.

“In sports, what matters most is discipline both on and off the pitch and especially off the pitch because you spend more time with members of the community from where you live and in this case, the way you socialise with them matters most.

“If you are disciplined, definitely, you can play football for a longtime since you keep chasing on your dreams without losing focus,” he said. He added that players should always limit spending more time for leisure, saying that such behavior can surely kill their profession career.

“I think people who live with players should play a big part to shape them as a measure to uplift their talents since coaches have limited time to spend with players. “During my playing time, I was listening a lot to senior players, who I met at the team and they were always giving me good advices on what to do to reach my goals,” he said.

Moreover, Haroub who retired from football with distinctions in 2018 at Yanga, where he played for nearly 12 years, encouraged young players in the country to continue working hard on the pitch to leave behind unforgettable legacy.

“To hear that a player has retired from football without winning titles or even be called to join the national team squad is very disappointing… that is why I urge them to be serious with their career,” Haroub, who is the current Taifa Stars manager said.

Immediately after retiring from active football, Haroub handed his number 23 jersey he used to wear at Yanga to Abdallah Shaibu also from Zanzibar, saying his defensive tactics matched him.

Another former player George Kavila reiterated that self-respect is what determines the destiny of football players for them to realise their goals. “Life off the pitch can either help to positively build a player or damage his entire future as such, everything depends on an individual,” said

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