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League needs improvement, say Samatta, Msuva

THE Mainland Premier League has been challenged to come up with perfect measures to enable the competing clubs creates competitive teams, which can excel in international competitions.

This was said yesterday by Tanzanian professional players who are plying their football career outside the country and recommended that the only easy way to shine at the international level is to improve on the domestic league.

“It is evident that in our league, only few teams have capacity to build competitive squads which can bring positive impact in CAF Champions League (CAF CL) and CAF Confederation Cup.

“In view of this, our teams which manage to qualify to play in major competitions on the continent tend to do better in the preliminary stages because they meet teams which are of the same level like them and as the contest continues, the going gets tough due to high class teams they start to face,” said Taifa Stars captain and Aston Villa striker Mbwana Samatta.

He added that the dismal performance in big competitions comes especially when Tanzanian clubs play against teams which put aside big budget in their respective teams, saying that quality lacks among Tanzanian teams.

“All is not lost only if much attention can be placed on the running of the league to make it very competitive in Africa and thereafter, we can start thinking about reaching further in international competitions,” remarked Samatta.

Moreover, Samatta noted that some teams which have ability to pay big salaries to their coaches and players demand quick success such that if they fail to achieve it, they end up firing the coach something he said can never help the respective squads to excel on long term basis.

“I believe that teams which have long term plans tend to achieve that slowly and not overnight. That same system was applied at TP Mazembe for them to reach where they are today. It simply needs ample time and adequate investment,” he said.

He added: “At TP Mazembe, I found the team already on front pedal that is why it was easy for me to do my utmost to help the club excel and used the same opportunity as a channel to play in Europe."

About the ongoing slashing of players' wages amid the coronavirus outbreak, Samatta observed that it could have been better to make it an option and not a must.

“Most players have a giving heart such that they could have donated whatever they have towards the fight of the Covid-19 and not necessarily to make it as a must for them to do,” he said.

His counterpart Simon Msuva concurred with Samatta insisting that the Mainland Premier League needs to be upgraded first before thinking about doing well in international games.

“Our league has some challenges which need to be addressed so as to reach the same level like here in Morocco where I play.

“The most important thing is for the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) and its partners to ensure that at the moment, much focus is directed towards improving the entire league and make it as very competitive as necessary,” he said.

In the same token, Taifa Stars midfielder Himid Mao also recommended that through improving the domestic league, Tanzanian teams can manage to make it big on the world face.

DESPITE losing 1-0 to Egypt’s Al Ahly ...


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