90 family members flooded out by lake water

ABOUT 90 family members have been left homeless after their houses were flooded due to an increase in Lake Tanganyika water volume.

The families abandoned their 18 houses which had either been submerged by water or broken down after their Kirando Village was flooded by Lake Tanganyika water.

Kirando Councillor Kakuli Seba told ‘Sunday News’ during a phone interview that Lake Tanganyika water had returned to its original volume of water 30 years ago.

He said other structures which had been damaged or submerged by water included a petrol station and Nkondwe Beach Resort.

“The structure of Nkondwe Beach Resort has been submerged by the lake water and people who came to the scene could easily catch fish from its rooms,” he said.

A cross-section of fishermen said the fishing business had been affected by floods.

“It is now very difficult to do business as the areas on the shores of Lake Tanganyika are flooded,” said one of the fishermen, Mr Johnson Kapela.

Author: PETI SIYAME in Nkasi

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