Elderly man, four co-accused charged with murder

FIVE people, including 71-year-old man Celestine Leonard from Chamchuzi Village in Karagwe District, yesterday appeared before High Court Judge, Dr Ntemi Kilekamajenga, charged with murder.

State Attorney Emmanuel Kahigi told the High Court that the five accused killed Bangilana Benedictor on July 8, 2015. Other accused are Karoli Byamungu (26), Faustine Byarugaba (57), Tumsifu Celestine (25) and Edgar Celestine (36).

Giving his defence on oath, third accused Celestine told the court that Bangilana Benedictor and he were doing a joint business of transporting oranges, maize and bananas by boat to neighbouring Rwanda across Kagera River.

He testified that on the material day, they had planned to transport oranges to Rwanda, but Bangilana did not show up. Instead, he took Bangilana’s clothes and went to Rwanda.

The state attorney: Did you inform anybody that you had collected Bangilana’s clothes?

Celestine: No, Your Honour, but Bangilana was my close friend.

Judge: You are the last person to have been seen in company with Bangilana. Where is he?

Celestine: I don’t know. I kept his clothes in good faith.

Judge: When did you sell merchandise in Rwanda? Did you hand the money to Bangilana’s wife?

Celestine: I was arrested by the police before handing over the money. The Judge adjourned the case until Monday.

Author: MEDDY MULISA in Bukoba

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