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Invest in research, Ndalichako urges

LOCAL universities have been challenged to invest more in researches that will provide solutions to community problems.

The challenge was thrown in Dar es Salaam on Thursday by Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Prof Joyce Ndalichako, during an event to inaugurate an administration building for Dar es salaam University College of Education (DUCE).

Prof Ndalichako urged universities to conduct researches that will improve agricultural productivity, assist traders access markets and manufacturers to produce better products for appropriate people.

“As the government continues with initiatives to improve education in the country, universities are supposed to focus more on research that will provide solutions to the community in several areas; this is the surest way of transforming this country into an industrial state,” she noted.

Prof Ndalichako observed that the research is critical in various development endeavors such as the economy, which requires determining what factors affect market forces and business environments, including laws that may either block or boost investments.

She mentioned others as organisational development, as well as identifying what policies are either beneficial or detrimental to achieving institutional goals as well as personal development, and also involves finding useful public and private resources that may help an individual improve his/her skills and knowledge.

“Attaining development is challenging, and doing research allows stakeholders to gain necessary information and insights as they pursue set targets,” she remarked.

The minister also urged universities to consider using funds they get from consultancy and research for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

On the first phase of vertical extension of the administration building, DUCE spent more than 1.65bn/-, whereby it provides 21 offices that will host 121 employees, thereby reducing the challenge of shortage of offices for the college staff and improve working conditions.

Earlier, DUCE VicePresident Prof Stephen Maluka said they decided to extend the building due to the shortage of office space, as the college has 504 staff and the available offices could accommodate not more than 200.

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