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Govt warns importers of banned plastic bags

MINISTER of State in VicePresident’s Office (Union and Environment), Mussa Zungu has warned traders who continue to import banned plastic carriers from neighbouring countries that they will face stern legal measures.

He said the dishonest traders will be arrested and charged so as to stop the bad practice.

He said the government is aware of ‘dirty game’ which involves the importation of banned plastic bags.

He said the banned materials are imported from neighbouring countries.

“We have discovered in our investigation that some dishonest traders in neighbouring countries are colluding with local traders to bring in banned materials, I would like to sound a warning that we are going to arrest them and serious legal measures will be taken against them,” he said.

According to the Minister, most of the illegal imported products are also substandard and that they are dangerous to environment.

“We need carriers that are approved for use in our country, failure to comply, we will ask the investor to allocate his fund to another area,” said Mr Zungu.

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Author: a CORRESPONDENT, Dar es Salaam

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