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Patriotism is what counts on development matters

ANY sensible person is supposed to pose and ponder keenly, issues that are of critical importance to one’s welfare and dignity, as well as that of the broader community of which they are a part.

But, as cynics put it, common sense is not as common as it is generally assumed. It would be fallacious on anyone’s part to sweepingly assume that, all the people around them are very intelligent.

Some don’t pass that test. But while some people are very intelligent, here are some who are, but are just mischievous or downright spoilers. Tanzania has its fair share of such species.

Political independence, for instance, is an ideal that virtually all people were yearning for, because being colonized was a sickening embarrassment. What happened along the way then?

Over the post-independence period, we strived to pursue various approaches to shake off the dependence syndrome, in order to make our independence as much real, and less of a flag independence case.

We have had mixed results in pursuit of that ideal. Most outrageously, however, and as a manifestation of the ‘the enemy within syndrome’, some, as individuals, or as part of groups of mischievous people, endeavour to project themselves as super-patriots, while they are in essence big spoilers.

Efforts that the fifth phase government led by President John Magufuli has distinguished itself as being steadfast in pushing for dignified national independence, as opposed to overwhelming dependency.

To that end, the government has taken various measures, including plugging loopholes for looting natural resources, corruption, mismanagement and maladministration. These have paid off handsomely.

Yet, in spite of the successes being recorded being glaring, there are elements within the country, which are in some cases being propelled by external elements, which are mocking the strides being recorded.

Sheer common sense should dictate that, positive achievements geared towards improving social and economic spheres should be saluted by all of us as citizens.

For on this aspect, it is national or patriotic interests that are at play, and not association with political parties.

That’s the backdrop against which we should all view the summary of the current government’s achievements given by Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa while adjourning the latest parliament’s session in Dodoma on Friday.

On this aspect, what counts is common sense with patriotism and nationalism as key components, and not political party affiliation.

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