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Indo- Tanzania relations poised for accelerated growth

PEACEKEEPING and antipiracy operations are part of several instances of joint efforts of India and Tanzania to solidify the mutual cooperation and friendship.

India is also proud and privileged to be one of Tanzania’s leading partners in trade, investment, capacity building, infrastructure and economic developments, according to the Indian High Commissioner in Tanzania, Mr Sanjiv Kohli, He made these remarks during the commemoration of the 71st National Day of India recently.

He said that when talking of development, people recognise the need to create an enabling environment of peace and stability. The African Union’s theme of the year of “Silencing Guns: Creating conducive conditions for African Development” underscores the importance of peacekeeping.

India has had the honour of participating in almost all the peacekeeping operations in Africa and has been the largest contributor of troops to those operations, said Mr Kohli. A number of Indian soldiers made the supreme sacrifice for such noble cause, and Tanzania’s own contribution to peace in Africa has been no less significant.

As India cerebrated its Republic Day, its people take great pride in the fact that their constitution sustains the largest democracy in the world. In the last general election in 2019, over 600 million people voted using electronic voting machines set up on over one million polling stations.

No doubt, Indians celebrated their elections as a festival of democracy. India has also shown that democracy and rapid economic growth can go hand and hand. The country is now the third largest economy in the world in purchasing power parity terms.

It is one of the most advanced nations in the field of space, ICT and biotechnology, said the High Commissioner.

“After becoming independent in 1947, India declared herself to become a sovereign democratic republic on 26th January of 1950 by enacting the constitution. And the Indian constitution fully enshrines the ideals of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity that the founding fathers of our two countries Mahatma Gandhi and Julius Nyerere stood for, struggled for and for whose advancement they dedicated their lives,” said Mr Kohli.

He further said that when Indians interact with their friends in Tanzania, a sense of kinship and solidarity binds them. The two countries are linked by shared colonial experience as well as by post-colonial tasks of nation building and development.

In such happy occasion of the Indians Republic Day, people were also cerebrate the historic and deep rooted friendship between India and Tanzania and renew the gratitude to the government and the people of Tanzania for nurturing such relationship.

“This is also an opportunity for me to acknowledge the contribution made by the people of Indian origin who have made this beautiful Tanzania their home. They truly provide strength and resilience to the engagement between our two countries. India will continue to support the aspirations of the people of Tanzania,” said Mr Kohli.

Officiating the event, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and East Africa Cooperation Dr Damas Ndumbaro said that the TanzaniaIndia relations have always situated against the backdrop of long-standing relations with India as a subcontinent and the modern Indian people know today as the Republic of India.

The compatibility and quest for closer cooperation Tanzania and India have in today’s multifaceted global setting emanates from the shared historical roots. He said that the current trend of economic interdependence have significantly influenced the bilateral relations between India and Tanzania and therefore calling for further closer cooperation.

“India has been a worthy partner and consistent supporter of many of our development efforts in terms of grant and concessional loans. We have laid down extensive bilateral cooperation in the field of tourism, water, health, technology and education sectors. Indeed, the support of India in the water supply and distribution is one of examples,” said Dr Ndumbaro.

To date India has assisted the supply and distribution of clean and safe water to 17 towns in Tanzania and throughout Dar es Salaam city, and the extension of rehabilitation and improvement of water supply in Zanzibar.

On the education sector, he said, Tanzania has signed an agreement of cooperation for the construction of a vocational centers as well as continued support for barefoot colleges in Zanzibar that provide targeted skills to women with little or no formal education.

Officials have continued to benefit with scholarships offered by India through the programmes like the India Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC).

It was further noted that India has helped Tanzania to save thousands lives in Lake Zone through granting a cancer treatment medical equipment at Bugando hospital, offering treatments to Tanzanians for years through the Appollo hospitals, as well as supply of medicine and medical equipment to the country.

According to Dr Ndumbaro, currently Tanzania and India are forging relations in power energy, power transmission and distributions, infrastructure constructions and agriculture. The prospects for strengthening the on-going cooperation between the two countries are positive and promising.

The investments of India as well as the number of Indians visiting Tanzania for the purposes of investing in the sectors of mining, tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, agro-processing, energy, transportation, construction, financial services and human resources development, is on steady increase, said Ndumbaro.

“It is not a surprise that as a country, we have determined to work towards finding the best means of unlocking new potentials and reinforcing the existing trade and investment opportunities with India,” he said, adding that: The commencement of weekly direct flights from Dar es Salaam to Mumbai, by the Air Tanzania, is one of many measures that Tanzania and India are taking to enhance and consolidate mobility of people, trade interaction and tourism between the two countries.

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