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Traders ask authority to speed up abattoir renovation

MEAT sellers and consumers in Sumbawanga municipality have complained over the indefinite closure of the Municipal abattoir pending major renovation.

Speaking to the ‘Daily News’, the stakeholders said the abattoir was in bad shape and that the renovation was unavoidable.

However, they asked the authorities to speed up the rehabilitation saying the delay affect the country’s economic growth.

One of the residents, Mr Aidan Mwita said the sudden closure of the abattoir has affected many people’s businesses and that the authorities need to ensure the rehabilitation is finished on time for business to resume.

“We request the relevant authorities to speed up the rehabilitation of the abattoir,” he said.

The slaughtering house was closed following the official visit by the Tanzania Meat Board (TMB) acting registrar, Mr Imani Sichwale. He said the place was in bad shape and that rehabilitation was necessary.

“This place does not qualify for meat processing, it must be closed until all necessary measures are taken, we are doing this to protect wananchi who consume meat, which is processed from this area,” he noted.

Meanwhile a cross section of meat sellers in Sumbawanga municipality admitted that the current abattoir does not meet standards since animals are skinned on floor while meat is being transported in a poor services vehicles.

“We thank the government for the measures it is taking to change the situation, but we ask the municipal authority to speed up the renovation processes,” he noted.

Author: PETI SIYAME in Sumbawanga

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