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Women football is the right way to go

CECAFA Women Senior Challenge Cup culminated in a thrilling final match between Mainland side, Kilimanjaro Queens and Kenya’s Harambee Starlets.

Kilimanjaro Queens, who were vying for their third title on the trot, surrendered the crown to the Kenyan side following a 2-0 loss but simply, the tournament offered yet another huge lesson for the country.

Thousands of fans, who packed at the venue, were left grinding their teeth in despair as Kilimanjaro Queens failed to display their usual fabulous, thrilling and free flowing football.

Kenya simply managed to control the hosts’ aggression, relentless pace and incisive attacks.

However, with an exception of the final display, the Kilimanjaro Queens were throughout the regional tournament, not only more skillful, but produced a superior game than the rest in the pack and that is what it should be.

And, it is right to suggest that if Tanzania can invest in women football, our girls appear more likely to bring honours to Tanzania than their male counterparts.

This has more than three years now been vindicated by virtuoso performances by Tanzanian lady teams; Kilimanjaro Queens and previously, Twiga Stars.

You see, there are many times you come across a team losing in a game. But you look at the way the players defend and attack and how they thread balls among themselves and you say, well, they lost, but they will win another day.

And, that’s what gives Tanzanians confidence about the future of women football in the country.

Indeed, it is time now for the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), to device strategies that will propel development of girls in their tender age, through creation of football academies.

The way Kilimanjaro Queens played throughout the tournament, it’s quite clear they must have started playing together at a very tender age.

Indeed, you don’t play that kind of football if you learnt the game at an adult age.

And, those are the fruits of being guided from very young age and through the right training that exposes the child to basic football knowledge, theoretically and practically.

A skill taught to a child sticks more into his or her sub-conscious mind than that offered at the adult stage.

Therefore going forward, we need to start getting out of this old way of learning football in the street and devise better ways of training our future stars through the establishment and scientific running of our football academies.

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