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Come over and invest, Ludewa stresses

AFTER the completion of 1.7bn/-worth of development projects in Ludewa District Council, which included improvement of roads, the District Administrative Secretary (DED), Mr Sunday Deogratius has invited investors, especially in strategic cashew nuts, tea and coffee crops.

Road projects in the council is part of over 300 government development projects, worth over 13.1bn/-, that have been implemented by Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) in Njombe Region from 2015 to 2019.

The DED said yesterday that to start with, the council has already set aside 50 acres of land for cashewnut demonstration farm to encourage local farmers to fully engage in such kind of investment.

"For coffee, we have involved both primary and secondary schools whereby each pupil will be given one seedling to take for throughout his/her school time. It is the best approach as pupils will be taught modern coffee farming techniques and let them transfer the acquired skills and knowledge to their parents. It will also help them to employ themselves in their future," he said, adding that the newly introduced roads made Ludewa a strategic area as it was well connected with almost all areas of Njombe Region as well as neighbouring regions and countries.

Such connections signified an access to both local and international markets for whatever was produced in the Council, as results of the newly introduced roads which will be facilitating free movements of producers and customers.

The DED stressed that the Council had various areas of investment as it was also high time for investors to grab opportunities in the long-time introduced Liganga and Mchuchuma projects, for iron and charcoals processing.

Commenting on other 1.7bn projects benefits in the Council, the DED said that many TASAF beneficiaries had succeeded to improve their livelihoods through among others, income generating activities.

The government's development projects in Njombe Region were in areas of agriculture, livestock, road infrastructures, health, education and income generating activities, said TASAF Communication Officer, Mr Estom Sanga.

CASSAVA production offers immense untapped opportunities for extending ...

Author: ABELA MSIKULA in Njombe

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