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Drive to promote agro-ecology for increased productivity

A drive to bring agro-ecology to scale in transforming food and agricultural systems for increased productivity has been identified in ensuring resilience and sustainability for achieving food security and a resilient green economy.

Such a call comes ahead of a two-day conference on ecological Organic Agriculture expected to take place in Dodoma on November 26 to 27 aimed at creating awareness in the area and its advantages among key stakeholders.

Briefing the media on the event in Dar es Salaam on Thursday, the Country Representative of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Mr Fred Kafeero said the event will showcase opportunities and potential for production and trade in ecological organic products at domestic, regional and international level.

“It is our belief that outcomes of this conference and other efforts will put the country on the path of transforming food and agricultural systems that embrace the spirit of the 2030 agenda,” he said.

“A much clearer understanding on how agro-ecology facilitates and contributes to transition to food and agricultural systems that are environmentally sustainable, economically fair, viable and socially acceptable.”

He added. He observed that there has been a growing interest in agro-ecology in recent years as an innovative and sustainable response to the challenges facing our food and agriculture systems.

The conference will focus on three thematic areas including food security and safety, livelihood improvement and industrialisation and resilience to climate change and environmental conservation, Mr Kafero explained.

French Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Frédéric Clavier noted that in opposition to agro-industry, agro-ecology aims to produce our food not against nature, but with nature.

That kind of agricultural practice makes it possible to reduce the negative impacts of production on the environment, reduction of greenhouse gases, limitation of pesticides and phytosanitary products.

“The farmer must use what nature offers to optimize crops, while optimizing resources. It pollutes less, minimizes its losses, can market products of better quality and healthier for the consumers,” noted the envoy.

The Head of Cooperation and Cultural at the French Embassy, Mr Cécile Frobert cited their country’s role in the field of agriculture and biodiversity preservation reflects the ambitions of the French government on the agenda for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Seasoned politician, Ambassador Job Lusinde, who also formed ...


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