Two officials sought over misdemeanors

THE Kalambo District Council Chairman in Rukwa Region , Mr Daud Sichone, has directed Council District Executive Director (DED) Msengela Palela to engage law enforcers in pursuing and arresting the officer in charge of Kantalemwa dispensary, Faraja Sanga, for allegedly stealing a solar panel of the health facility .

There are allegations that Sanga installed the device on his local brew outlet in Kantalemwa village in Mnamba Ward in Kalambo District .

Reports indicate that in the wake of the theft of the panel, staff at the facility use locally made lighting devices commonly known as “koroboi”.

The Kilesha Ward Councillor, Mr Bernard Masikini, has meanwhile alleged that the officer in charge of Ilango public dispensary vanished after stealing 24m/- earmarked for building materials for the construction of a medical practitioner’s residential house, which has stalled for more than four years .

The issues arose at a full council meeting held in Matai township in Kalambo District as councillors unanimously urged the relevant authorities to take the suspects to task by arresting and prosecuting them .

“The duo medical in charges from Kantalemwa and Ilango public dispensaries have caused great losses to the government and denied patients and staff access to proper health provision; they must be arrested and prosecuted without delays,” said Mr Sichone.

Earlier, in his contribution, the Mnamba Ward Councillor , Mr Michael Chilulumo said, pregnant women who sought services at Kantalemwa dispensary used “koroboi” after the solar panel’s theft.

WILDLIFE experts and ecologists have expressed fears ...

Author: PETI SIYAME in Kalambo

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