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Shein: Good cooperation of state pillars vital for development

PRESIDENT Ali Mohamed Shein says he has managed to achieve development goals because of the existing strong relationship between state pillars--Executive, Judiciary and Legislature.

“We have admirable social, economic, and political development because the three state pillars have independently been working closely for the benefit of the people,” Dr Shein told Judge Sylvain Oré, President of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights when he paid a courtesy call to his office.

He informed the Judge and his delegation that Zanzibar has been going well in the struggle to achieve development because separation of power is highly respected, and that the executive, the judiciary and the parliament, each observe their areas of jurisdiction.

“Maintaining peace, unity and stability in the country remains our top priority, to enable us move on well as stipulated in our Vision 2020 and election manifesto. This also includes promoting respect of human rights in the country,” Dr Shein said.

He commended the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights for its good work in serving people in Africa. He wished Judge Ore and his colleagues a peaceful month of long meetings in Zanzibar, which started on November 4 this year.

In response, Judge Ore commended Dr Shein for maintaining peace and stability which are prerequisite in achieving development goals and to enable people take part in their daily activities.

He said that his Court, with headquarters in Arusha, has been serving people diligently as par African Union (AU) guidelines, along with public awareness about the Court’s functions.

“We are here in Zanzibar with different programmes including planned public hearings. The Court’s business in Zanzibar will climax with a one-week extra-ordinary meeting to start on December 2. We welcome the public to come and take part,” the Judge said.

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Author: DAILY NEWS reporter in Zanzibar

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