Blueprint to boost competitiveness in trade

PROMPT implementation of the government’s blueprint initiative aimed at enhancing business and investment environment has been cited as among measures which will play a crucial role in boosting competitiveness of local manufacturers against their foreign counterparts.

Babati Rural Member of Parliament (MP), Mr Jitu Son (CCM), made the remarks in the august House when contributing to the proposals for the national development plant and budget framework for the financial year 2020/2021.

The MP expressed concern that despite the fact that Tanzania is endowed with vast natural resources in various sectors of the economy it has remained net importer of many industrial goods due to high operation costs.

“Tanzania is endowed with many natural resources but the challenge remains on how we can use the same to uplift the social welfare of our people. The blueprint should come to force before the next budet,” he remarked.

The MP was contributing to proposals tabled by Finance and Planning Minister, Dr Philip Mpango, on the 2020/2021 development, the culmination of the Second Five Year Development Plan (FYDP II) spanning 2016/2017 to 2020/2021.

The FYDP II is a follow up to the FYDP I which run through 2010/2015 as the government seeks to steer the country to middle-income economy through the Tanzania Development Vision 2025.

The Babati Rural MP proposed formation of Tanzania Business Regulatory Authority which he said will play an important role in regulating the manufacturing sector in the country.

“For many years Tanzania has remained a net importer of many goods much as we are the producer of raw products of the same, it is high time we empowered our industries to produce finished products,” he stated.

Adding,” It is not healthy for our country to export raw materials, we should instead export finished products since we will reap more benefits and provide jobs for our people.”

He complained further that high production costs have rendered products produced in Tanzania uncompetitive against imports and thus stalling local industries.

Mr Son was thus positive that that the blueprint would address many challenges which have been facing the manufacturing, business and investment community.

For his part, Nanyamba MP, Mr Abdallah Chikota (CCM) proposed establishment of warehouses in local government authorities towards implementation of the Tanzania Mercantile Exchange (TMX).

“The central government should enable local authorities to establish the warehouses which are crucial for TMX to operate. The storage facilities will also be a reliable source of income for councils unlike now here most of the storage fees are paid to private operators,” he stated.

DEPUTY Minister for Works, Transport and Communications Elias ...

Author: ALVAR MWAKYUSA in Dodoma

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